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Chapter 1, The Endless Beginning

• In THE 12TH PLANET, Zecharia Sitchin argues that Earth's solar system includes an additional planet called Shar. This planet came near Earth every 3600 years.

• The planet was inhabited by advanced alien beings called Nefilim.

• Many of Sitchin's theories are based on the myths, rituals, and beliefs of the ancient Sumerian culture.

• Sitchin credited the Nefilim for advancing humanity and also for the stories of the Great Flood.

• Sitchin also thought that life didn't seem to be created on Earth. The chemical makeup of Earth implied that life came from another planet.
• Sitchin does not understand how knowledge among the Sumerians could have risen so quickly.

• From 11,000 B.C. to 5,000 B.C., Sitchkin credited an incredible advance among humans, isolated to the Near East, which then declined for 500 years before suddenly starting again.

• The domestication of animals also occurred in the Near East.

Chapter 2, The Sudden Civilization

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