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Short Answer Questions

1. What book did Sade say that Villeterque had not read, based upon his "stupid account"?

2. According to Klossowski, "what we call crime must contain the key" to ___________.

3. In March of 1793, how old was Sade?

4. According to Sade, who needed to be classified as poets and not novelists?

5. What writer loathed Sade and referred to him as "monster author"?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Sade, how did Villeterque use "out of context isolated phrases"?

2. Through what "relationship" does Sade "compel our attention"?

3. According to Pierre Klossowski, why could God be viewed as "the original guilty party"?

4. What does the "arranger" believe will not please Courval about Florville's conduct?

5. What did Sade believe regarding motion?

6. Why did Sade state that he did not want to make vice attractive in his writings?

7. Why did Villeterque state that he would only address one of the questions that Sade posed in "Reflections on the Novel"?

8. What did Klossowski state that Sade believed regarding "Nature in a state of perpetual motion"?

9. Why did man write novels?

10. In what way did Klossowski believe that Sade looked at man as a competitor of Nature?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In your opinion, was Duc, the Bishop, the President de Curval, or Durcet the most deviant character? Which character do you believe to be the least deviant? Why? Use textual evidence to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Write a critical analysis on Sade's texts. Focus on the material that both critics (included in the text) focused upon. Do you agree with their thoughts? Why? Do you disagree with their thoughts? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Why do you believe that Sade found it necessary to describe his characters from "120 Days of Sodom" in such depth? What did the depth of the description do for you as a reader? Did the description cause you to feel differently about the character than if they were not described in such depth? Why? What do you think a more "lacking" description would have done for you as a reader?

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