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Short Answer Questions

1. Who taught Florville to live a virtuous life?

2. What language was a mixture of Celtic and Latin?

3. Courval is told that Florville is related to ______________.

4. Who, according to Sade, passed novels on to "our courtly storytellers"?

5. How many things did Sade challenge Villeterque to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Sade, how did Villeterque use "out of context isolated phrases"?

2. What was Sade's last wish to be respected?

3. What did the writings of Crebillion speak about?

4. What did Sade state about Vileterque's response to "Les Crimes de l'Amour"?

5. Describe Mademoiselle de Florville.

6. What do Sade's admirers admit about Sade's work?

7. What did Sade say about the effect that "insults directed by jealousy" had on a "man of letters"?

8. What did Sade believe regarding motion?

9. Why did Villeterque state that Sade held "erroneous opinions"?

10. What does Courval do to find a new wife?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a critical analysis on Sade's texts. Focus on the material that both critics (included in the text) focused upon. Do you agree with their thoughts? Why? Do you disagree with their thoughts? Why?

Essay Topic 2

How do you believe Sade would be looked upon as a writer today versus the way that he was regarded in the late 1700's? Are there certain aspects of his writing that would been seen as completely acceptable today, but were not accepted at all during the late 1700's? Is there material in Sade's writing that still would be considered "criminal" today?

Essay Topic 3

How did you find yourself reacting to the text as you read it? What were your concerns? Did you believe that you were prepared to read the text and find that you were, in fact, not? Or, did you find that you were more than prepared for the material presented in the text because of the more lax societal views on sexual "deviancy" today?

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