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Short Answer Questions

1. Who engineered Sade's escape form Miolans?

2. How old was Florville when Saint-Agne proposed to her?

3. What language was a mixture of Celtic and Latin?

4. What did Sade believe Villeterque's insults were "dictated by"?

5. What kind of opinions does an author hold when they contradict their own views?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Villeterque state that Sade held "erroneous opinions"?

2. What two things does the "arranger" believe Florville has that count against her?

3. What was Sade's last wish to be respected?

4. What do Sade's admirers admit about Sade's work?

5. Why did man write novels?

6. Why is Courval considering remarrying?

7. What did Klossowski quote from "The 120 Days of Sodom" regarding happiness?

8. What does the "arranger" believe will not please Courval about Florville's conduct?

9. According to Sade, how did Villeterque use "out of context isolated phrases"?

10. Describe Mademoiselle de Florville.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In your opinion, was Duc, the Bishop, the President de Curval, or Durcet the most deviant character? Which character do you believe to be the least deviant? Why? Use textual evidence to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

How did you find yourself reacting to the text as you read it? What were your concerns? Did you believe that you were prepared to read the text and find that you were, in fact, not? Or, did you find that you were more than prepared for the material presented in the text because of the more lax societal views on sexual "deviancy" today?

Essay Topic 3

Women have fought over Sade's writing. Angela Carter ("The Sadeian Woman: And the Ideology of Pornography" (1979)) believed Sade to be a "moral pornographer." Andrea Dworkin ("Pornography: Men Possessing Women" (1979)) saw Sade as the model of the "woman-hating pornographer." With whom do you agree? Did Sade hate women, or did he create a "special place" for women in the lives of men?

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