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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is bled on the 20th night of Part Three?
(a) Curval.
(b) Constance.
(c) Heme.
(d) Duclos.

2. What does Ernestine tell Herman to do on the night of Madame Scholtz's ball?
(a) Tell her father they were to marry the next day.
(b) Hide her.
(c) Run away so as not to be killed.
(d) Challenge Oxtiern to a duel.

3. What item is a girl thrown into in Tale 49 of Part Three?
(a) A coffin.
(b) A closet.
(c) A barn.
(d) A dungeon.

4. Who is present at the first dinner party of the "society"?
(a) Both women and men.
(b) Men only.
(c) Women only.
(d) Only the members of the "society."

5. The narrator tells Falkeniem that his sole purpose in traveling is ___________.
(a) The teach.
(b) To collect wealth.
(c) To study.
(d) To spread peace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers himself/herself up to the Bishop, given that another has not satisfied him?

2. What did Geoffrey give to Duclos while in Louis' cell?

3. When Ernestine sees Herman for the first time after he is accused of theft, where is he?

4. Whose daughter does Duc want to marry?

5. In Part Two, on what evening is Duc flogged while copulating with Zelmire's maid?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the facts regarding the 150 Complex Passions?

2. What do the "four libertines" do to strengthen their ties?

3. What is special about the Friday parties?

4. What are the stage directions for Act Three?

5. What does Martaine state that she wants to do on the 10th of January?

6. Why does Oxtiern tell Fabrice that Ernestine's father has not accompanied her on her travels?

7. Who are the guests at the first dinner party of the "four libertines"?

8. Why does Ernestine wish to marry Herman?

9. What main concerns does Fabrice have regarding Oxtiern's relationship with Ernestine?

10. At the third dinner party, who are the guests?

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