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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the narrations that everyone has gathered to listen to on "The First Day"?
(a) "An Afternoon of Love."
(b) "Feats of Duc."
(c) "Simple Passions."
(d) "Passions."

2. How much money does Madame Scholtz accuse Herman of stealing?
(a) 50,000 ducats.
(b) 10,000 ducats.
(c) 100,000 ducats.
(d) 250,000 ducats.

3. Where does Act One open in "Oxtiern"?
(a) The entrance to a castle.
(b) A sitting room of an inn.
(c) A stable.
(d) A garden.

4. Why does Oxtiern plan for Ernestine to travel by carriage to Norrkoping?
(a) She needed to be able to be watched from afar.
(b) She needed to arrive refreshed.
(c) She was afraid of the sea.
(d) She would be safer.

5. According to Tale 19, what age must the virgins be with which "he" wishes to copulate?
(a) 40-50.
(b) 50-60.
(c) 30-40.
(d) 15-25.

Short Answer Questions

1. The window of Mademoiselle Ernestine's opens to face _____________.

2. The "society" collect dues for __________.

3. At what time do the "Statutes" declare that the men should rise in the morning?

4. Who goes to visit Duc on the "First Day"?

5. Whom is "given" to the company on the 6th night of Part Three?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is special about the Friday parties?

2. What were the pairings of the "four libertines"?

3. At the third dinner party, who are the guests?

4. Why do Oxtiern and Madame Scholtz scheme to keep Ernestine and Herman apart?

5. What are the facts regarding the 150 Complex Passions?

6. Why does Herman want to wait to marry?

7. What are the details surrounding Herman?

8. Who are the guests at the first dinner party of the "four libertines"?

9. When Duclos continues her story on the First Day, what questions does Duc have regarding the story?

10. What does the Duc require of Curval if he is to allow Curval to marry his daughter Julie?

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