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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What character did Beauvoir claim had been created as a projection of Sade himself?
(a) Duc.
(b) Curval.
(c) Hebe.
(d) Blangis.

2. On what holiday did Sade terrorize Rose Keller?
(a) Easter.
(b) New Year's.
(c) Christmas.
(d) All Hallow's Eve.

3. What was the only thing that Sade believed would fulfill his existence?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Flogging.
(c) Eroticism.
(d) Adultery.

4. According to Sade, the truly honest man refuses to deal in ____________.
(a) Hearsay.
(b) Trust.
(c) Fact.
(d) Proof.

5. How much did Florville receive from her adoptive mother upon her death?
(a) 4,000 francs a year.
(b) 2,000 francs a year.
(c) Nothing.
(d) 500 francs a year.

6. Who ordered a mistress of a brothel to stop giving women to Sade?
(a) Sade's wife.
(b) Sade's mother-in-law.
(c) An inspector.
(d) Sade's mother.

7. In what year did Sade publish "Les Crimes de l'Amour"?
(a) 1810.
(b) 1800.
(c) 1799.
(d) 1797.

8. According to Sade, man is prey to what two weaknesses?
(a) Prayer and desire.
(b) Desire and need.
(c) Prayer and love.
(d) Lust and love.

9. What "matter" does Courval state "concerns me not the least"?
(a) Her birth.
(b) Her sin.
(c) Her modesty.
(d) Her religion.

10. With what people did the novel originate?
(a) The Palestinians.
(b) The Moors.
(c) The Greeks.
(d) The Egyptions.

11. Where does Courval spend most of his time?
(a) Near Nemours.
(b) Near Caaux.
(c) Near Saulcet.
(d) Near Laiz.

12. What did Sade state that "I have never written"?
(a) Sins against God.
(b) Immoral books.
(c) Aberrations of Nature.
(d) Sinful memories.

13. According to "Must We Burn Sade?" what happened to Sade's manuscripts?
(a) They were burned.
(b) They were stolen.
(c) They were lost.
(d) They were banned.

14. How many things did Sade challenge Villeterque to do?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) One.
(d) Five.

15. Where was the only place that Sade believed he could assert himself?
(a) His bed.
(b) A brothel.
(c) In prison.
(d) His home.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what novel did Sade say virtue was best rewarded?

2. Villeterque accused Rousseau, Voltaire, Marmontel, Fielding, and Richardson of "painting" ____________.

3. What chemist did Klossowski quote regarding his fears about Nature?

4. Whom did Klossowski quote about "original sin"?

5. What did Sade believe existed outside of the three kingdoms of species and creatures?

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