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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What "matter" does Courval state "concerns me not the least"?
(a) Her sin.
(b) Her religion.
(c) Her birth.
(d) Her modesty.

2. According to Klossowski, "what we call crime must contain the key" to ___________.
(a) Societal aversions.
(b) Sin.
(c) Hope.
(d) Knowledge.

3. According to Sade, the Romans had the weaknesses of ________________.
(a) Spite and malice.
(b) Prayer and love.
(c) Hate and power.
(d) Lust and love.

4. What do biographers fail to present in regard to Sade?
(a) A record of his crimes.
(b) A history of his life in Bastille.
(c) An authentic portrait of him.
(d) An objective view on his work.

5. According to Beauvoir, what did Sade come to know at an early age?
(a) Hatred and sadism.
(b) Foulness and violence.
(c) Hatred and violence.
(d) Resentment and violence.

6. On what holiday did Sade terrorize Rose Keller?
(a) New Year's.
(b) All Hallow's Eve.
(c) Easter.
(d) Christmas.

7. What character did Beauvoir claim had been created as a projection of Sade himself?
(a) Hebe.
(b) Curval.
(c) Duc.
(d) Blangis.

8. How much did Florville receive from her adoptive mother upon her death?
(a) 4,000 francs a year.
(b) 500 francs a year.
(c) Nothing.
(d) 2,000 francs a year.

9. In what year did Sade publish "Les Crimes de l'Amour"?
(a) 1797.
(b) 1800.
(c) 1799.
(d) 1810.

10. At the end of his review, what did Villeterque say would happen to Rousseau, Voltaire, Marmontel, Fielding, and Richardson?
(a) They would "be revered."
(b) They would "be found guilty of their crimes."
(c) They would be "read no more."
(d) They would "be exhaulted."

11. Who ordered a mistress of a brothel to stop giving women to Sade?
(a) Sade's wife.
(b) Sade's mother.
(c) Sade's mother-in-law.
(d) An inspector.

12. According to Sade, the truly honest man refuses to deal in ____________.
(a) Hearsay.
(b) Proof.
(c) Fact.
(d) Trust.

13. In March of 1793, how old was Sade?
(a) 65.
(b) 42.
(c) 47.
(d) 53.

14. According to Beauvoir, what did Sade long for?
(a) A real life.
(b) A strong soul.
(c) The ability to do what he wished without punishment.
(d) The ability to be regarded as a famous writer.

15. According to "Must We Burn Sade?" what happened to Sade's manuscripts?
(a) They were lost.
(b) They were burned.
(c) They were stolen.
(d) They were banned.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Beauvoir state that Sade "mistrusted everything and everybody"?

2. Who, according to Sade, passed novels on to "our courtly storytellers"?

3. What book did Sade say that Villeterque had not read, based upon his "stupid account"?

4. What did Sade state that "I have never written"?

5. Who mistreated a poor family and then called for his own punishment by whipping?

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