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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ernestine, A Swedish Tale.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Ernestine, A Swedish Tale," when does the narrator leave Paris to travel to Sweden?
(a) In October of 1776.
(b) In July of 1774.
(c) In April of 1770.
(d) In March of 1772.

2. What was the only thing that Sade believed would fulfill his existence?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Eroticism.
(c) Adultery.
(d) Flogging.

3. Why did Beauvoir state that Sade "mistrusted everything and everybody"?
(a) Sade was maladjusted.
(b) Sade was bipolar.
(c) Sade's bad relationship with his mother.
(d) Sade was a criminal.

4. What does Courval's wife devote herself to after leaving him?
(a) Espionage.
(b) God.
(c) Morality.
(d) Libertinage.

5. Who is the first slave to Nature's laws?
(a) Animals.
(b) Man.
(c) Nature.
(d) God.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Geoffrey give to Duclos while in Louis' cell?

2. Who gets married during the sixth week's festival in December?

3. What writer loathed Sade and referred to him as "monster author"?

4. According to "Must We Burn Sade?" what happened to Sade's manuscripts?

5. Who had written successful novels, although he "indulged vice and strayed from virtue"?

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