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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Villeterque's Review of Les Crimes de l'Amour and Sade's Reply.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What book did Sade say that Villeterque had not read, based upon his "stupid account"?
(a) "L'Instituteur Philosophe."
(b) "Retaliation."
(c) "Le Cocu de Lui-même."
(d) "Les Crimes de L'Amour."

2. The purpose of Nature is ___________.
(a) Being a forgiver.
(b) Being a creative evolutionist.
(c) Being an accuser.
(d) Being a destroyer.

3. Why did Beauvoir state that Sade "mistrusted everything and everybody"?
(a) Sade was a criminal.
(b) Sade was bipolar.
(c) Sade's bad relationship with his mother.
(d) Sade was maladjusted.

4. When does Nature find man "wrong"?
(a) When he sins against God.
(b) When he multiplies.
(c) When he sins against Nature.
(d) When he sins against mankind.

5. Who ordered a mistress of a brothel to stop giving women to Sade?
(a) Sade's mother.
(b) Sade's mother-in-law.
(c) Sade's wife.
(d) An inspector.

Short Answer Questions

1. Villeterque wonders about the painting of scenes where crime reigns __________.

2. What did Sade state that "I have never written"?

3. What did Sade "push to a point" where "it will be invested with the form of a truly transcendental fatalism"?

4. How many questions did Villeterque state he would "bother with"?

5. In what year was the Bastille stormed?

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