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Two Week Quiz A

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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The 120 Days of Sodom: Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The "society" collect dues for __________.
(a) Burials.
(b) Court fines.
(c) Interests of pleasure.
(d) Bail.

2. Villeterque accused Rousseau, Voltaire, Marmontel, Fielding, and Richardson of "painting" ____________.
(a) Customs.
(b) Violence.
(c) Sin.
(d) Crimes.

3. How much did Florville receive from her adoptive mother upon her death?
(a) Nothing.
(b) 500 francs a year.
(c) 2,000 francs a year.
(d) 4,000 francs a year.

4. In what year was the Bastille stormed?
(a) 1796.
(b) 1799.
(c) 1789.
(d) 1792.

5. What kind of feeling did Villeterque state that he had while reading Sade's work?
(a) Feeling of indignation.
(b) Feeling of calmness.
(c) Feeling of pride.
(d) Feeling of synthesis.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many questions did Villeterque state he would "bother with"?

2. Villeterque accused Sade of portraying villains who were _________.

3. What "matter" does Courval state "concerns me not the least"?

4. Whom did Klossowski quote about "original sin"?

5. What was Voltaire's purpose in writing?

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