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Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Bryon and Cathy find while they look for M&M in Chapter 6?

2. What does Mr. Carlson tell Bryon in Chapter 10?

3. Where does Mark ask Bryon to stop in Chapter 7?

4. What does the doctor say will happen to M&M?

5. How does Bryon propose going steady with Cathy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay discussing conscription. When has it been enforced in North American history? What has the public's reaction to conscription been? How would the public react if it were enforced again?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay discussing gang culture. Be sure to address:

1 - When gangs first socially documented.

2 - Some rituals that are commonly associated with gangs.

3 - Places where gangs can be found.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay describing teen culture in the 1960s. Be sure to address:

1 - How was it different from today.

2 - Whether or not teens were more sheltered then than they are now.

3 - How the high school experience has changed.

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