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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the people in the house in Chapter 8 doing when Bryon and Mark arrive?
(a) Watching T.V.
(b) Eating dinner.
(c) Drinking beer.
(d) Smoking grass.

2. What does M&M say when he gets out of the car in Chapter 6?
(a) That he wants a hot dog.
(b) That he wants to buy more M&Ms.
(c) That he's never going home.
(d) That he is angry with Mark.

3. What does Bryon do after he finds something under Mark's bed in Chapter 10?
(a) He calls the cops.
(b) He tells his mother.
(c) He beats up Mark.
(d) He takes some pills and hides the bottle.

4. What does a housewife give Bryon at work?
(a) A ten dollar bill.
(b) A chocolate bar.
(c) Her phone number.
(d) A movie ticket.

5. Where do Cathy and Bryon find Mark in Chapter 6?
(a) At the bowling alley.
(b) At the movies.
(c) At Terry Jones' house.
(d) At school.

6. What does Mark do to Angela after she passes out in Chapter 7?
(a) He pours his drink over her head.
(b) He cuts off her hair.
(c) He kisses her.
(d) He draws on her face with a permanent marker.

7. How does Cathy feel about Mark's action gain one of the guys in the green Corvette?
(a) She is excited by it.
(b) She is not impressed.
(c) She is attracted to Mark because of it.
(d) She is frightened by it.

8. What does Mark do to one of the guys in the green Corvette?
(a) He shouts obscenities at him.
(b) He breaks the tail light of the car.
(c) He spills a coke on him.
(d) He punches him in the nose.

9. What do Bryon and Cathy do when they can't find M&M?
(a) They go to the police.
(b) They make missing person posters.
(c) They pretend they don't know anything.
(d) They tell his parents that he's gone.

10. What does Bryon find under Mark's mattress in Chapter 10?
(a) A magazine.
(b) A gun.
(c) A bottle full of pills.
(d) A diary.

11. Who stops at Terry Jones' house in Chapter 8?
(a) Tim and Curly Shepard.
(b) Curtis.
(c) Cathy.
(d) Angela.

12. What does Bryon say happened to his dad?
(a) He went to prison.
(b) He left one day and never came back.
(c) He joined the circus.
(d) He died.

13. Why won't Angela get revenge for what Mark did to her after she passed out?
(a) She's too proud.
(b) She likes her new hair cut.
(c) She loves Bryon.
(d) She's afraid of Mark.

14. Why did Angela get married?
(a) She likes planning weddings.
(b) She married for money.
(c) She thought she was pregnant.
(d) She wanted revenge on Bryon.

15. Where do the cops often give out tickets for illegal turns?
(a) On the highway.
(b) At the drive-in.
(c) In the park.
(d) At the shopping center.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bryon change his appearance?

2. How does rum affect Bryon?

3. Why is Cathy worried about M&M in Chapter 6?

4. What does Cathy do when Bryon drives her home from the hospital?

5. What does Mark do in Chapter 8 that puzzles Bryon?

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