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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Mark's father shoot his mother?
(a) She cheated on him.
(b) He didn't think Mark was his child.
(c) She wouldn't give him her pay check.
(d) He thought she was going to leave him.

2. Why did Angela get married?
(a) She likes planning weddings.
(b) She married for money.
(c) She thought she was pregnant.
(d) She wanted revenge on Bryon.

3. Why does Bryon change his appearance?
(a) To make his mom proud.
(b) In order to get a job.
(c) To impress Cathy.
(d) Because Mark dares him.

4. Where do Cathy and Bryon find M&M in Chapter 6?
(a) At Terry Jones's house.
(b) At the movies.
(c) At school.
(d) At the bowling alley.

5. What does the doctor say will happen to M&M?
(a) He says he will die.
(b) He says he will recover.
(c) He doesn't know.
(d) He says he will be traumatized forever.

6. Why won't Angela get revenge for what Mark did to her after she passed out?
(a) She's afraid of Mark.
(b) She's too proud.
(c) She loves Bryon.
(d) She likes her new hair cut.

7. What does Mark do to one of the guys in the green Corvette?
(a) He spills a coke on him.
(b) He breaks the tail light of the car.
(c) He punches him in the nose.
(d) He shouts obscenities at him.

8. What does the Shepard gang do to Bryon?
(a) They beat him up.
(b) They stab him.
(c) They shoot him.
(d) They steal a beer.

9. What does Cathy do that annoys Mark?
(a) She tries to analyze him.
(b) She treats him like a baby.
(c) She breathes loudly.
(d) She flirts with him.

10. Why are there lots of editorials in the paper about the Ribbon?
(a) Lots of drug pushers sell drugs there.
(b) The police aren't patrolling it enough.
(c) Teens have died there before.
(d) Students often compete in drag races.

11. What does Bryon think gets easier to say to Cathy?
(a) I'm here for you.
(b) Sorry.
(c) I love you.
(d) I'm wrong.

12. Where does Bryon assume Mark gets his money?
(a) From playing poker.
(b) From his rich uncle.
(c) From hustling pool.
(d) From mugging people.

13. What do the people in the house in Chapter 8 call M&M?
(a) Smartie.
(b) Socrates.
(c) Baby Freak.
(d) Little hippie.

14. Where do Cathy and Bryon find Mark in Chapter 6?
(a) At the bowling alley.
(b) At school.
(c) At Terry Jones' house.
(d) At the movies.

15. What does Mark offer to do for Bryon in Chapter 9, after Bryon was beat up?
(a) To call Cathy.
(b) To work his shift at the supermarket.
(c) To find M&M.
(d) To get even with Angela.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mark says 'Nothing bad happens to you when you're __________'

2. Where do Bryon and Mark take Angela in Chapter 7?

3. What does Mr. Carlson tell Bryon in Chapter 10?

4. How does Mark respond to Bryon's statement in Chapter 8 about why Cathy Doesn't like Mike?

5. What does Bryon go searching for under Mark's mattress in Chapter 10?

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