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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bryon want to borrow something from Charlie in Chapter 3?
(a) To go on a road trip.
(b) To take Cathy on a date.
(c) To pick up girls.
(d) To drive to the hospital.

2. What is the girl's name who Mike offers a ride home to?
(a) Carrie.
(b) Corrie.
(c) Connie.
(d) Cannie.

3. Where does Mark tell Bryon to find the booze in Chapter 3?
(a) In the punch.
(b) In a flask in his pocket.
(c) In Terry's car.
(d) In Curtis' thermos.

4. What symbol does M&M wear hanging around his neck?
(a) A swastika.
(b) An 'A' with a circle through it.
(c) A peace symbol.
(d) A cloverleaf.

5. How many students are the in senior class?
(a) 1,000.
(b) 900.
(c) 700.
(d) 1,200.

6. Which knight of King Arthur's court does Mike compare himself to?
(a) Sir Alexander.
(b) Sir Galahad.
(c) Sir Gawain.
(d) Sir Lancelot.

7. What is Mark's explanation for taking someone's car in Chapter 4?
(a) The principal said he could borrow it.
(b) He mistook it for a friend's car.
(c) He wanted to get revenge on the principal.
(d) He has no way to get downtown.

8. What game did Mark and Bryon play when they were kids?
(a) Cops and Robbers.
(b) Civil War.
(c) Cowboys and Indians.
(d) House.

9. Why do Mark and Bryon go to the pool hall in Chapter 1?
(a) To do their homework.
(b) To play video games.
(c) To meet girls.
(d) To make money.

10. What were Bryon and Mark caught sneaking in to?
(a) The Drive-in movies.
(b) Charlie's bar.
(c) The bowling alley.
(d) The pool hall.

11. What is M&M doing when Bryon arrives at his house to pick up Cathy?
(a) Reading a book.
(b) Eating dinner.
(c) Eating M&Ms.
(d) Watching T.V.

12. What is M&M's older sister's name?
(a) Cathy.
(b) Susan.
(c) Jennifer.
(d) Christine.

13. How does Mark get injured in Chapter 3?
(a) He is shot.
(b) He gets hit in the head with a beer bottle.
(c) He is stabbed.
(d) He is beaten up by a gang of boys.

14. Who does Bryon make a point to mouth off to?
(a) His mother.
(b) Cops.
(c) Bus drivers.
(d) Teachers.

15. Why is Mike in the hospital in Chapter 2?
(a) He got beaten up.
(b) He was hit by a bus.
(c) He had a skiing accident.
(d) He fell off his bike.

Short Answer Questions

1. What subject does Randy major in at the local college?

2. Which weapon is Curly carrying?

3. What kind of books did Bryon read to Mark when they were little?

4. Why is Charlie in a bad mood in Chapter 4?

5. Who is waiting for Bryon and Mark in the alley when they leave Charlie's?

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