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Objective: Chapter 1 That Was Then, This Is Now was published in 1971. The name of the town that it takes place in is never mentioned, but it seems to be a fairly large city somewhere in the American mid-west. The objective of this daily lesson is to explore the setting of the novel.

1) Class Discussion: Students speculate on which city they think this story could possibly take place in. Why do you think it takes place in this town? What clues are given as to the location?

2) Creative Activity: Each student writes a tourist brochure, trying to entice people to come and visit the city.

3) Writing Activity: Students write a letter to the editor expressing outrage at an incidence of their choice.

4) Student-led Discussion: Is this a realistic portrait of a mid-western American city in 1971? How has the author managed to convince you of the realism?

5) Internet Research...

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