That Was Then, This Is Now Fun Activities

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Pool Tournament

Divide the class into pairs and have the students compete against each other in a game of pool. The winning teams go on to compete with one another until there is one team remaining.

S.E. Hinton in Another Light

Read another book by author S.E. Hinton and compare/contrast it to That Was Then, This Is Now

Famous Hitchhiker

Each student imagines they are a famous person who is hitchhiking. Other students take turns being the 'driver' who asks questions about where they are going, and what they are doing. The driver that first guesses the identity of their passenger is the winner.

Create a Mystery Machine

The class paints a mural that they would put on the side of their own VW bus if they were hippies driving across the country in the '60s.

The Dating Game

Break the class into groups...

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