That Was Then, This Is Now Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

* Bryon and Mark go to Charlie's bar/pool hall to hustle other players.

* When there is no one at the bar to hustle, they look for a kid named M&M.

* Bryon and Mark find M&M at the drug store and then all three go to the bowling alley.

* On the way home from the bowling alley, M&M gets jumped by Curly Shepard and his gang and Mark and Bryon come to his rescue.

* Mark decides he still wants to fight and chooses a random, innocent person to beat up. M&M gets angry at him for it and runs away.

Chapter 2

* Bryon and Mark go to the hospital to visit Bryon's mother.

* Bryon's mother asks him and Mark to visit the guy in the room across the hall.

* Bryon goes to the hospital snack bar where he meets M&M's sister, Cathy.

* Bryon and...

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