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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What instrument does a minstrel play in the restaurant?
(a) A harp.
(b) A guitar.
(c) A flute.
(d) A viola.

2. What is Megan's weekend job?
(a) A visitor's aide.
(b) A tour guide.
(c) Newspaper delivery.
(d) Working in a souvenir shop.

3. At what Time does Patrick drop Timmy off at Megan's in the morning?
(a) Eight o'clock.
(b) Five-thirty.
(c) Six o'clock.
(d) Seven-thirty.

4. What is Megan preparing when Patrick returns from work in Chapter 3?
(a) A frozen pasta meal.
(b) Pie dough.
(c) Timmy's dinner.
(d) Tuna casserole.

5. What does Megan change into before answering Patrick at her door?
(a) Sweatpants.
(b) Jeans and a t-shirt.
(c) A flannel nightie.
(d) A robe.

6. Why does Megan track down Patrick Hunter?
(a) She has some treats for his bunny.
(b) She wants to ask him out.
(c) She wants to get some medical advice.
(d) She wants to tell him that he's being a bad "pet parent".

7. What does Megan listen to briefly outside Bruton Parish Church?
(a) A sermon.
(b) A choir singing.
(c) Organ music.
(d) Church bells.

8. What does Patrick suppose Megan has been imagining about him through the night?
(a) Being on a deserted island with him.
(b) His passionate kisses.
(c) That he is rich.
(d) Having a family with him.

9. Why does Patrick say he can't be left with the baby?
(a) He's allergic to babies.
(b) He works all day.
(c) He's horrible with children.
(d) His girlfriend would get suspicious.

10. How old is Megan?
(a) Twenty-seven years old.
(b) Thirty years old.
(c) Twenty-one years old.
(d) Thirty-three years old.

11. At dinner, how does Megan describe Patrick?
(a) As unpredictable.
(b) As immature.
(c) As eccentric.
(d) As slightly crazy.

12. In Chapter 2, what does Megan share isn't her "cup of tea"?
(a) Monogomy.
(b) Family celebrations.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Non-fiction literature.

13. What does Megan say she has never seen up close?
(a) A stethescope.
(b) A colonial home.
(c) A baby.
(d) A rabbit.

14. What does Patrick say he will do if Timmy's mother Tilly doesn't return?
(a) He will take Timmy to child services.
(b) He will try to adopt Timmy.
(c) He will give Timmy to his parents to raise.
(d) He will start searching for Tilly.

15. What animal does Megan encounter in the Park?
(a) A dog.
(b) A gerbil.
(c) A squirrel.
(d) A rabbit.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what does Megan think Patrick's living room is perfect for?

2. What do Patrick and Megan have for dinner on their first date?

3. Where was Patrick raised?

4. What do Patrick and Megan eat while they discuss what to do about Timmy?

5. What is Megan Murphy doing in the park at the beginning of the novel?

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