Thank You For Your Service Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

David Finkel
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Essay Topic 1

Adam feels that he is weak, not sick, because he has no physical injuries. Why does Adam feel that he is weak? Why does he struggle to accept that he has health problems? Why does he have to learn to accept that although his problems may be invisible, he still has health issues?

Essay Topic 2

Adam is diagnosed with PTSD. How does PTSD affect Adam and his family? Are the effects of PTSD mostly positive or negative?

Essay Topic 3

Amanda is a very sad person when her husband dies. How does Amanda react to her husband’s death, and how does grief affect her life and the lives of her children, family, and friends?

Essay Topic 4

Adam feels responsible for James Doster’s death. Why does Adam feel responsible for James’s death? How does the responsibility that Adam feels lead to guilt?

Essay Topic 5


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