Thank You For Your Service Character Descriptions

David Finkel
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Adam Schumann

This person is the main character in the book. He begins to suffer PTSD during his third deployment. His issues threaten his marriage and his family until his case manager finds a treatment program for him in California.

Michael Emory

This person was shot in the head in Iraq. A fellow soldier carried him down the stairs to safety. He is partially paralyzed and has impulse control.

Fred Gusman

This person runs the Pathway Home program in California for veterans with PTSD and TBI. When he was a boy his father came home from the war changed and began beating him.

Nic DeDinno

This person attends a treatment program in Pueblo, Colorado. At the end of the book, he is receiving his disability confirmation and is attempting to get off some of his medications.

Shawnee Hoffman

This person was engaged to a soldier 11 years older than she...

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