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Short Answer Questions

1. Yancey leads a movement to make ________________ a slave state.

2. Whom does the first president of Texas marry?

3. The Larkins are _________________ who move onto Comanche land.

4. Who is Emma's son?

5. When the Klan whips a man named __________________, he visits Floyd Rusk the next day.

Short Essay Questions

1. What would account for the brutality of the Texans during the Mexican War?

2. What year is it in Chapter XII and what is the composition of Texas rural areas to city areas?

3. Who are the first residents of Fort Sam Garner and why do they want to develop a town?

4. Why do so many people seem to move to Texas between 1928 and 1968? Who are two famous political men who came from Texas?

5. What law enforcement group does Otto join and whom is he supposed to capture?

6. Why do Todd and Maggie Morrison move to Texas and how successful are they at adapting?

7. Who is named the first U.S. Indian Agent?

8. How does Yancey come to own the ten thousand acres owned by the Garza women?

9. Why does Laurel Cobb have to face trial within the church?

10. What role does slavery play in Texas prior to the Civil War?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain some of the examples of regionalism found in the book. Can regionalism include more than accents and food? What else encompasses the culture and personality of a region?

Essay Topic 2

TEXAS is a classic work of historical fiction. What does that classification entail? Why does this book fit into this category?

Essay Topic 3

Name at least three environmental catastrophes that plagued the Texas homesteaders. Then cite the reasons why each catastrophe was so devastating to the settlers. If there were any preventative measures employed by the settlers, state those also in your answer.

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