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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Texas governor want by the Sesquicentennial?
(a) A folk festival.
(b) A parade.
(c) A statue.
(d) A report.

2. What is Simon Garza's profession?
(a) Cook.
(b) Mason.
(c) Carpenter.
(d) Farrier.

3. A/An ____________________ Indian named Kronk befriends the Quimpers.
(a) Apache.
(b) Karankawa.
(c) Lakota.
(d) Cherokee.

4. Those men who supported the Texas revolution were mostly _______________________.
(a) Newcomers.
(b) Farmers.
(c) Politicians.
(d) Railroad men.

5. What river do Avara and Frey Damian cross during their inspections?
(a) The Pecos River.
(b) The Colorado River.
(c) The Mississippi River.
(d) The Rio Grande River.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Task Force held in October of 1983 discusses which subject?

2. Who is the first son born to Alvara and Benita?

3. What is the requirement of the governor's wishes?

4. In what U.S. city did Finlay McNab work with a livestock merchant?

5. The Quimpers settle in an area of which river?

Short Essay Questions

1. How many sons do Benita and Alvara have and which one will become important?

2. What was the reason for so many bigamist marriages in Texas?

3. What were the beginnings of San Antonio as described by the author in Chapter II?

4. Why did the Methodist Qimpers experience religious conflict when settling in Texas?

5. Who was appointed the chairman of the Task Force and where were the meetings to be held?

6. Benito sides with General Santa Anna and rides to the Alamo. What happens to start the siege there?

7. How does the author end each chapter in the book and what topic is addressed in this chapter?

8. What good fortune does Garcilaco have after the death of Frey Marcos

9. What Native American and island people settle in the area that is to become San Antonio?

10. What does Jubal Qimper establish at the Brazos River?

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