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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sam Houston resign as governor of Texas?
(a) He refuses to accept the Confederacy.
(b) He is retirement age.
(c) He wants to run for U.S. President.
(d) His health is failing.

2. What do Laurel and his wife open in Waxahachie?
(a) A dairy farm.
(b) A new cotton plantation.
(c) A ranch.
(d) A mercantile.

3. What does Santa Anna do with the money given to him by the U.S. government?
(a) Buys jewels and art.
(b) Builds fortresses along the Rio Grande.
(c) Develops an army.
(d) Retires to Rio de Janeiro.

4. With whom does Otto decide to work together?
(a) Marcus Astin.
(b) Martin Ascot.
(c) Michael Arbor.
(d) Marvin Ables.

5. What is the nickname for Maria de la Luz?
(a) Lupe Luz.
(b) Mar de la Lopez.
(c) Mattie Luz.
(d) Lucha Lopez.

6. Earnshaw Rusk is a Quaker from which state?
(a) Ohio.
(b) Indiana.
(c) Pennsylvania.
(d) Michigan.

7. Who is Persifier's wife?
(a) Margaret Sue.
(b) Tessa Mae.
(c) Elaine.
(d) Elizabeth Ann.

8. Yancey Quimper acquires control of which type of business?
(a) Ranch.
(b) Bank.
(c) Boot making.
(d) Mercantile.

9. Soon after Texas becomes a state, the ____________________ occurs from 1846-1848.
(a) Revolutionary War.
(b) French and Indian War.
(c) Mexican War.
(d) Civil War.

10. Peavine is chased out of the county because he is a troublemaker, but he returns and kills a _______________ named Parmenteer.
(a) Sheriff.
(b) Minister.
(c) Lawyer.
(d) Teacher.

11. Comanche Chief _____________ holds a war council and decides to attack the settlement in #124.
(a) Tecumseh.
(b) Geronimo.
(c) Red Cloud.
(d) Matark.

12. What does Earnshaw Rust's wife do?
(a) Works as a rancher.
(b) Teaches Indian children how to speak English.
(c) Delivers babies as a midwife.
(d) Tames and sells wild horses.

13. Which family is the first to move into one of the abandoned houses at the fort to make a town?
(a) The Ernst Klopfer family.
(b) The James Kerrigan family.
(c) The Otto McNab family.
(d) The Frank Yeager family.

14. Benito Garza becomes a ___________________.
(a) Politician.
(b) Bandit.
(c) Minister.
(d) Teacher.

15. The Texas War for Independence ends with Santa Anna ______________________.
(a) Being killed.
(b) Being captured.
(c) Being demoted to a soldier.
(d) Being exiled from Mexico.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Earnshaw Rusk's job?

2. Earnshaw dies from complications following ____________________.

3. Why does Yancey Quimper withdraw from the political race?

4. Which Texan becomes both Vice President and President of the United States?

5. In Chapter XII, what is the largest city in Texas?

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