Texas Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Benito Garza - He is from the town of Victoria and, after Mexico loses the war, becomes a famous bandit and is wanted by the Texas Rangers.

Don Ramon du Saldana - He is the owner of the Rancho El Coda, a twenty-five thousand acre spread located near Bexar.

Dr. Travis Barlow - He works for a Boulder organization, the Institute for Cultural Studies, even though he is a resident of Texas.

Lorenzo Quimper - He owns nine ranches and is active in oil, real estate, and other business activities.

Otto McNab - His father was in trouble in Baltimore and left his wife and daughter and fled to Texas with him.

Ransom Rusk - He owns three airplanes which he makes available for use by the Task Force.

Garcilaco - He is the illegitimate son of an Indian woman and a Spanish soldier.

Efrain Garza -...

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