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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pop announce he is finished with?
(a) The children
(b) Supporting the two of them
(c) The rodeo circuit
(d) Riding horses

2. What does Tex tell Mason to hurt his feelings?
(a) That he wants to go with Pop if he leaves
(b) That he will hate him the rest of his life
(c) That he doesn't want him to be his brother anymore
(d) That he does not respect him

3. The news about the kidnapping makes the news in how many states?
(a) 4
(b) 3
(c) 6
(d) 7

4. Who does Tex call from the phone booth when he is bleeding?
(a) Mason
(b) Pop
(c) Johnny
(d) The hospital

5. Why does Tex think Mason should be relieved and happy?
(a) Pop is back for good
(b) Tex and Johnny were not expelled
(c) He obtained all As on his report card
(d) He earned three offers of basketball scholarships

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice does the vice principal give to Tex?

2. What does Tex tell Lem when he gets out of the truck after being shot?

3. What revelation does Mason make about Tex?

4. What do Tex and Mason decide to do as the book closes?

5. What surprise does the vice principal tell Tex?

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