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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one topic that Johnny and Tex cannot talk to each other about?
(a) Cole
(b) Pop
(c) Jamie
(d) Mason

2. What does Tex tell Mason to hurt his feelings?
(a) That he wants to go with Pop if he leaves
(b) That he doesn't want him to be his brother anymore
(c) That he does not respect him
(d) That he will hate him the rest of his life

3. What realization about Pop and Mason does Tex come to after Mason is injured?
(a) Mason is going to die
(b) Mason is not a good basketball player
(c) Pop doesn't care about his kids
(d) Pop worries more about Mason than Tex

4. Who is the first person Tex talks to upon waking in the hospital?
(a) Jamie
(b) Mason
(c) Pop
(d) Johnny

5. What happens to Mason at the basketball game?
(a) The opposing team attempts to hurt him
(b) Tex and he have a fight
(c) Pop comes to the game drunk
(d) Mason breaks his ankle

6. What did Tex tell Jamie that he forgot about her?
(a) She always thought she was better than him
(b) She was one of those that was leaving
(c) She always liked Mason better than him
(d) She didn't care about him

7. Why does Tex say he will never shoot anything again?
(a) Because he made a promise to God
(b) Because he no longer has the guts to kill things
(c) Because he is afraid of guns
(d) Because he knows how it feels

8. What does Mason tell Tex about college?
(a) He says he might not go and instead stay and work
(b) He says he can't wait to go
(c) He says he can't decide which one to go to
(d) He says he can't afford to go to college anymore

9. Why does Tex think Mason should be relieved and happy?
(a) He earned three offers of basketball scholarships
(b) Pop is back for good
(c) He obtained all As on his report card
(d) Tex and Johnny were not expelled

10. How long does Jamie tell Mason their marriage would last?
(a) Forever
(b) 5 years
(c) 1 month
(d) 1 year

11. What does Jamie tell Tex can't solve everything?
(a) Desire
(b) Love
(c) Happiness
(d) Life

12. What revelation does Lem make about Mason?
(a) That he does not like Tex
(b) That he wants respect not money
(c) That he wants money not respect
(d) That he does not like Lem

13. Why doesn't Tex stop Lem from making one stop on his way back to the city?
(a) Because he is looking for a fight
(b) Because he is emotionally distraught
(c) Because he has no control over what Lem does
(d) Because he hopes Lem will stop at his house

14. How does Jamie hurt Tex?
(a) She says she is not ready to date
(b) She tells him she is going to date Mason
(c) She tells him she is pregnant
(d) She asks him to take her home

15. What do Tex and Mason decide to do as the book closes?
(a) Go hunting
(b) Go read a book
(c) Go fishing
(d) Go visit Jamie and Johnny

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the only thing that keeps Tex's mind off of his horse?

2. Where did Mason attack Lem?

3. What does Jamie tell Tex that everyone else did in public, but she did only in private?

4. What does Pop announce he is finished with?

5. What is Pop doing instead of taking Tex to buy back his horse?

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