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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tex tell Lem when he gets out of the truck after being shot?
(a) Tex tells him to dump him like everyone else has
(b) Tex tells Lem to go to get Mason
(c) Tex tells Lem to run away and be safe
(d) Tex tells Lem to go home

2. Where did Mason attack Lem?
(a) At the phone booth
(b) In the parking lot
(c) In the police station
(d) In the waiting room

3. Why does Tex think Mason yells at him?
(a) Because Mason does not like Tex
(b) Because Mason wants to be a father
(c) To make Tex feel bad about everything
(d) To make up for Pop never yelling

4. Why does Lem complain that Tex is shot?
(a) Because Lem doesn't want any trouble
(b) Because Tex is getting blood in his truck
(c) Because Lem doesn't know what to do
(d) Because the police will ask questions at the hospital

5. What will Tex be able to start in the next week once he is well enough?
(a) Riding motorbikes with Johnny
(b) Summer school
(c) Vacation with Jamie
(d) The summer job with the horses

6. From whom does Tex receive a letter?
(a) Lem
(b) Johnny
(c) Cole
(d) Jamie

7. What realization about Pop and Mason does Tex come to after Mason is injured?
(a) Pop worries more about Mason than Tex
(b) Mason is going to die
(c) Mason is not a good basketball player
(d) Pop doesn't care about his kids

8. What does Mason have nightmares about?
(a) Kidnapping
(b) Mom dying
(c) Tex being hurt
(d) Pop leaving again

9. Why doesn't Tex stop Lem from making one stop on his way back to the city?
(a) Because he is emotionally distraught
(b) Because he has no control over what Lem does
(c) Because he hopes Lem will stop at his house
(d) Because he is looking for a fight

10. What does one of the fans of the other team do to make Tex jump him?
(a) Make a nasty comment about Jamie
(b) Make a nasty comment about Mason
(c) Make a nsaty comment about Pop
(d) Make a nasty comment about Tex

11. Who does Tex call from the phone booth when he is bleeding?
(a) Mason
(b) Pop
(c) Johnny
(d) The hospital

12. How does Pop explain Tex's mother contracted pneumonia?
(a) He would not allow her to go to the doctor
(b) She was mad at him and walked to a dance in the snow and cold
(c) She refused to go to the doctor for any treatment
(d) He could not afford to pay for heat during the winter

13. What prank are Johnny and Tex planning at the beginning of chapter nine?
(a) Motor bike stunt jumping over the basketball hoops
(b) Food fight in the cafeteria
(c) Horse manure in a lunch bag
(d) Exploding caps on typewriter keys

14. What revelation does Mason make about Tex?
(a) That Mason is Tex's father
(b) That Tex is going to be sent away to go to school
(c) That Pop is not his father
(d) That Tex is to be expelled

15. Who does Lem remind Tex of after he reads his letter?
(a) Cole and his wife
(b) Tex and Jamie
(c) Mason and his girlfriend
(d) Pop and his young wife

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Pop decided to come home?

2. What does Lem ask Mason to tell the police?

3. What do Tex and Mason decide to do as the book closes?

4. Why can't Tex shoot the people that Lem is talking to?

5. What does Lem tell his wife to do?

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