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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first person Tex talks to upon waking in the hospital?
(a) Pop
(b) Johnny
(c) Mason
(d) Jamie

2. Who does Tex call from the phone booth when he is bleeding?
(a) The hospital
(b) Johnny
(c) Mason
(d) Pop

3. What realization about Pop and Mason does Tex come to after Mason is injured?
(a) Mason is going to die
(b) Pop worries more about Mason than Tex
(c) Mason is not a good basketball player
(d) Pop doesn't care about his kids

4. Why can't Tex shoot the people that Lem is talking to?
(a) He is in too much pain
(b) He wonders if they have mothers and sisters
(c) He cannot find the gun
(d) He just wants to leave

5. Why does Lem complain that Tex is shot?
(a) Because Lem doesn't want any trouble
(b) Because Tex is getting blood in his truck
(c) Because Lem doesn't know what to do
(d) Because the police will ask questions at the hospital

6. What prank are Johnny and Tex planning at the beginning of chapter nine?
(a) Exploding caps on typewriter keys
(b) Food fight in the cafeteria
(c) Horse manure in a lunch bag
(d) Motor bike stunt jumping over the basketball hoops

7. What does Jamie tell Tex that everyone else did in public, but she did only in private?
(a) Talk to Tex
(b) Talk to the police
(c) Cry
(d) Yell at Lem

8. What does Lem tell his wife to do?
(a) Get rid of all the drugs
(b) Pack the baby up so they can flee to another city
(c) Call the ambulance
(d) Come and pick he and Tex up

9. What advice does the vice principal give to Tex?
(a) To stop coming to school
(b) To go home
(c) To stop hanging around with Johnny
(d) To start thinking

10. What do Mason and Cole discuss when Cole arrives at the vice principal's office?
(a) Whose fault it is this time
(b) Why Mason is there instead of Pop
(c) What punishment the school should dish out
(d) Who needed to take care of the situation

11. Who is Johnny most worried about finding out about the prank?
(a) Jamie
(b) Principal
(c) Vice Principal
(d) Cole

12. Why doesn't Tex stop Lem from making one stop on his way back to the city?
(a) Because he hopes Lem will stop at his house
(b) Because he is emotionally distraught
(c) Because he has no control over what Lem does
(d) Because he is looking for a fight

13. Who does Tex ask for?
(a) Johnny
(b) Pop
(c) Mason
(d) His mother

14. How long does Jamie tell Mason their marriage would last?
(a) Forever
(b) 1 year
(c) 5 years
(d) 1 month

15. What is the reason, as Tex thinks, for the Collins' trip to Disneyland?
(a) Just a normal family vacation
(b) To give everyone a fresh start
(c) To bury the hatchet with Blackie
(d) To separate Jamie and Tex

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tex think Mason should be relieved and happy?

2. What does Johnny tell Tex about Cole when he comes to visit?

3. What did Tex tell Jamie that he forgot about her?

4. What part of Mason is injured at the basketball game?

5. What are Tex and Mason inundated with?

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