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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Mason and Tex at night?
(a) Lem
(b) Bob
(c) Pop
(d) Cole

2. Where does Johnny like to ride his motorbike?
(a) Canyon
(b) Dike
(c) Quarry
(d) Gravel pits

3. Where does Tex sneak to where he is almost caught by Cole?
(a) Into the barn to visit the horses
(b) Into school late
(c) Upstairs to get Jamie
(d) Into Cole's house

4. Why does Tex feel the hitchhiker died?
(a) Because they picked him up
(b) Because he slammed on the brakes
(c) Because he escaped from prison
(d) Because Tex and Mason were arguing

5. What did Tex's mother die from?
(a) Trampled by a horse
(b) Pneumonia
(c) Heart disease
(d) Broken neck

6. Why do Tex, Mason and Lem go to the Collins' home?
(a) To visit with Charlie
(b) To spite Cole
(c) To see Jamie
(d) To share the news

7. How long has Pop been gone?
(a) Weeks
(b) Months
(c) Days
(d) Years

8. What is the main problem of this chapter?
(a) Lack of money
(b) Father away at the rodeo circuit
(c) Lost horses
(d) No heat in the house

9. Where does Jamie suggest Tex and Johnny go at the fair?
(a) Food stands
(b) Fortune Teller
(c) Rides
(d) Haunted House

10. What does Mason chastise Tex for?
(a) Picking up a hitchhiker to begin with
(b) Looking at the hitchhiker's body
(c) Slamming on the brakes
(d) Speeding

11. Which of the following characters is NOT a Collins?
(a) Bob
(b) Charlie
(c) Lem
(d) Jamie

12. Which character regularly gets in trouble in school?
(a) Bob
(b) Johnny
(c) Jamie
(d) Tex

13. What is Tex accused of in the outdoor sporting goods store?
(a) Sexual Harassment
(b) Parking in a loading zone
(c) Taking merchandise off of the shelf without permission
(d) Shoplifting

14. What is Tex accused of trying to steal?
(a) Flashlight
(b) Canteen
(c) Pocket knife
(d) Fishing lure

15. What does the hitchhiker tell Mason and Tex he has done?
(a) Sold drugs
(b) Broken a few legs
(c) Killed a few people
(d) Killed a police officer

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tex increase his speed?

2. When does Tex think their father will return?

3. Who do they visit once they leave the fair?

4. How old is Tex as this story opens?

5. Which word best describes how Tex feels when he first wakes up in the morning?

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