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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tex end the crisis with the hitchhiker?
(a) Slams on his brakes
(b) Speeds up faster
(c) Drives the truck into a tree
(d) Runs the truck into a canyon

2. What does the hitchhiker say he will do if Tex continues to speed?
(a) Kill Mason
(b) Take over driving the truck
(c) Let them both go alive with no injuries
(d) Kill Tex

3. What does the hitchhiker tell Mason and Tex he has done?
(a) Killed a police officer
(b) Broken a few legs
(c) Sold drugs
(d) Killed a few people

4. For how long is Johnny grounded from his motorbike?
(a) 2 days
(b) 2 weeks
(c) 1 month
(d) 1 week

5. Which word best describes Mason's feelings as he describes them to Bob?
(a) Frustrated
(b) Overwhelmed
(c) Relieved
(d) Welcomed

6. What does Tex realize that the hitchhiker has in regards to Mason?
(a) Tex is naive and does not pick up on anything the hitchhiker does
(b) A knife pointed at Mason's gut
(c) Mason in a head lock
(d) A gun to Mason's side

7. Where is Mason going on Saturday?
(a) To visit the new baby
(b) To the fair
(c) To the hospital for tests
(d) To an away basketball game

8. On what day of the week do the events of chapter five occur?
(a) Saturday
(b) Monday
(c) Sunday
(d) Wednesday

9. What happens on Johnny's attempt?
(a) He succeeds
(b) He crashes and is seriously injured
(c) He fails at the last minute
(d) He fails and falls into the creek where Tex must save him

10. What does Mason chastise Tex for?
(a) Looking at the hitchhiker's body
(b) Picking up a hitchhiker to begin with
(c) Slamming on the brakes
(d) Speeding

11. What kinds of questions does Tex ask Mason about on the drive back home from the hospital?
(a) Questions about their mother
(b) Questions about girls
(c) Questions about Jamie
(d) Questions about pop

12. Where does Jamie suggest Tex and Johnny go at the fair?
(a) Fortune Teller
(b) Haunted House
(c) Food stands
(d) Rides

13. Which of the following characters is the protagonist in this novel?
(a) Tex
(b) Mason
(c) Johnny
(d) Jamie

14. Where does Johnny like to ride his motorbike?
(a) Dike
(b) Gravel pits
(c) Quarry
(d) Canyon

15. Why do Tex, Mason and Lem go to the Collins' home?
(a) To see Jamie
(b) To spite Cole
(c) To share the news
(d) To visit with Charlie

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following types of people does the fortune teller say that Tex is?

2. Who do Mason and Tex think could be the next 'hitchhiker'?

3. How long has Pop been gone?

4. What does the hitchhiker try to do as he leaves the vehicle?

5. Why does Tex begin walking down the freeway after fighting with his brother?

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