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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Mason and Tex at night?
(a) Cole
(b) Lem
(c) Bob
(d) Pop

2. What did Tex do to an art project which got him in trouble?
(a) Refused to do it
(b) Set it on fire
(c) Used profanity in it
(d) Tore up another student's project

3. When does Tex think their father will return?
(a) Before Thanksgiving
(b) Next week
(c) In the spring
(d) Never

4. What could it be said that Tex helps Johnny recover by making the jump?
(a) Dignity
(b) Health
(c) Success
(d) Reputation

5. How do Johnny and Tex feel after they have both made their attempts?
(a) Worse
(b) Jubilant
(c) Sad
(d) Better

6. What is the likely reason for the heat being turned off in the house?
(a) Everyone was at school and has not turned it on yet
(b) The furnace was broken
(c) The bill was not paid
(d) It was warm outside, so there was no need for heat

7. How did Lem's parents feel about his decision to leave school and get married?
(a) They were relieved
(b) They were happy
(c) They stopped talking to Lem totally
(d) They were unhappy

8. What kinds of questions does Tex ask Mason about on the drive back home from the hospital?
(a) Questions about pop
(b) Questions about Jamie
(c) Questions about girls
(d) Questions about their mother

9. What season is it as this story opens?
(a) Spring
(b) Winter
(c) Summer
(d) Fall

10. Which of the following characters is NOT a member of Tex's family?
(a) Mason
(b) Pop
(c) Johnny
(d) Bob

11. Which of Tex's teachers really seems to care for him?
(a) Art
(b) English
(c) Gym
(d) Music

12. Which of the following characters is NOT a Collins?
(a) Charlie
(b) Bob
(c) Lem
(d) Jamie

13. Where is the fair?
(a) 20 miles from their home
(b) Further away in the country
(c) 50 miles from their home
(d) Down the road from their home

14. What does Tex realize that the hitchhiker has in regards to Mason?
(a) A gun to Mason's side
(b) Tex is naive and does not pick up on anything the hitchhiker does
(c) A knife pointed at Mason's gut
(d) Mason in a head lock

15. Which word best describes how Tex feels when Cole is around?
(a) Respectful
(b) Relieved
(c) Afraid
(d) Ashamed

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the vice principal generally respond when Tex is sent there?

2. Which word best describes Mason's mood on the drive back home?

3. Where is Tex told to drive?

4. Why does Tex begin walking down the freeway after fighting with his brother?

5. Which character regularly gets in trouble in school?

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