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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the hitchhiker try to do as he leaves the vehicle?
(a) Stab Mason
(b) Take Mason with him
(c) Shoot Mason
(d) Stab Tex

2. Who does Lem call when he takes the phone from Tex?
(a) His home
(b) Pop
(c) Mason
(d) The hospital

3. Where is the fair?
(a) 20 miles from their home
(b) Further away in the country
(c) 50 miles from their home
(d) Down the road from their home

4. What is the likely reason for the heat being turned off in the house?
(a) It was warm outside, so there was no need for heat
(b) Everyone was at school and has not turned it on yet
(c) The bill was not paid
(d) The furnace was broken

5. Which word best describes Mason's feelings as he describes them to Bob?
(a) Relieved
(b) Welcomed
(c) Overwhelmed
(d) Frustrated

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is banging on the front door, which awakens Tex?

2. What does Tex overhear Jamie saying?

3. Where do Tex and Mason decide to go before they leave the city and head home?

4. How long does Jamie tell Mason their marriage would last?

5. Which of the following terms best describes how Tex feels as he goes to pick up Mason from the hospital?

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