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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tex end the crisis with the hitchhiker?
(a) Speeds up faster
(b) Runs the truck into a canyon
(c) Drives the truck into a tree
(d) Slams on his brakes

2. What causes Johnny and Tex to stop speaking for a period of time?
(a) Tex setting the art project on fire
(b) Cole telling Tex he cannot be near Johnny any longer
(c) Johnny being grounded from his motorbike
(d) Tex pushing the gym teacher too far

3. Where is Mason and Tex's father?
(a) At his work
(b) Fixing the furnace
(c) The author does not tell the reader about their father
(d) On the rodeo circuit

4. Why does Tex increase his speed?
(a) Because he sees police in his rearview mirror
(b) To try to disarm the hitchhiker
(c) To get to the state line faster
(d) To give Mason a chance to escape

5. What does the gym teacher want from Tex?
(a) To show up to class
(b) To dress appropriatly for class
(c) To become the next basketball star
(d) To go to the office for skipping class

Short Answer Questions

1. What activity did Tex and Johnny spend a lot of time doing during the previous summer?

2. What activity does Tex enjoy doing before going to school?

3. Which of the following questions is the yes or no question which Tex thought of while with the fortune teller?

4. Which of the following characters is NOT a member of Tex's family?

5. Where does Tex sneak to where he is almost caught by Cole?

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