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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which word best describes Mason's medical condition?
(a) Very serious
(b) He has no medical condition
(c) Not very serious
(d) Life threatening

2. Why does Tex feel the hitchhiker died?
(a) Because they picked him up
(b) Because he escaped from prison
(c) Because Tex and Mason were arguing
(d) Because he slammed on the brakes

3. What happens on the drive back home from the city?
(a) Tex picks up a hitchhiker
(b) Tex and Mason give Jamie a ride back to her house
(c) Mason needs to stop to be ill by the side of the road
(d) Tex gets a speeding ticket

4. Who is Tex chasing in his dreams?
(a) Horse
(b) Father
(c) Brother
(d) Mother

5. What does the gym teacher want from Tex?
(a) To become the next basketball star
(b) To go to the office for skipping class
(c) To show up to class
(d) To dress appropriatly for class

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character is accused of ruining the happy mood when Tex, Mason, and Lem share the news?

2. Which of the following words best describes how Tex feels once he finds out how where Mason is really going?

3. What activity does Tex enjoy doing before going to school?

4. Which character agrees with Jamie about the new baby?

5. Which word best describes Mason's mood on the drive back home?

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