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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lem tell Mason and Tex he is doing for work?
(a) Making illegal drugs
(b) Using welfare
(c) Working in a lumber yard
(d) A go-between selling drugs

2. How do Tex and Johnny get to school at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Truck
(b) Horseback
(c) School bus
(d) Motorbike

3. Who is Tex going to the fair with?
(a) Bob and Johnny
(b) Mason
(c) Jamie
(d) Charlie

4. How long has Pop been gone?
(a) Years
(b) Days
(c) Months
(d) Weeks

5. How does Tex do when he attempts the same thing as Johnny?
(a) He succeeds by just barely
(b) He fails at the last minute
(c) He succeeds but cannot stop and is injured at the end
(d) He crashes and is seriously injured

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Johnny taunted to attempt?

2. Who do they visit once they leave the fair?

3. Which word best describes how Tex feels when he first wakes up in the morning?

4. Where does Jamie suggest Tex and Johnny go at the fair?

5. For how long is Johnny grounded from his motorbike?

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