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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Tex think their father will return?
(a) Never
(b) Next week
(c) Before Thanksgiving
(d) In the spring

2. Which of the following questions is the yes or no question which Tex thought of while with the fortune teller?
(a) Will I get Negrito back?
(b) Does Jamie want to be my girlfriend?
(c) Will Pop return before Thanksgiving?
(d) Will Mason leave me?

3. What does the hitchhiker tell Mason and Tex he has done?
(a) Killed a few people
(b) Sold drugs
(c) Broken a few legs
(d) Killed a police officer

4. What do Mason and Tex do to relax?
(a) Go to bed early
(b) Smoke marijuana
(c) Shoot at targets
(d) Get drunk

5. How does Tex end the crisis with the hitchhiker?
(a) Speeds up faster
(b) Runs the truck into a canyon
(c) Drives the truck into a tree
(d) Slams on his brakes

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pop announce he is finished with?

2. What does Lem tell Mason and Tex he is doing for work?

3. Who is Tex chasing in his dreams?

4. What happens to the hitchhiker?

5. What does Tex realize that the hitchhiker has in regards to Mason?

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