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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following words best describes how Mason reacts to Cole's accusations?
(a) Mostly hostile and angry
(b) Mostly upset and repentent
(c) Mostly indignant and repulsed
(d) Mostly calm and collected

2. Which word best describes what Cole hopes to do to Mason and Tex?
(a) Help
(b) Excite
(c) Repulse
(d) Intimidate

3. What prank are Johnny and Tex planning at the beginning of chapter nine?
(a) Food fight in the cafeteria
(b) Motor bike stunt jumping over the basketball hoops
(c) Exploding caps on typewriter keys
(d) Horse manure in a lunch bag

4. What does Lem tell Mason and Tex he is doing for work?
(a) Working in a lumber yard
(b) A go-between selling drugs
(c) Making illegal drugs
(d) Using welfare

5. Why is Tex sad when they leave Tex's house?
(a) Because he thinks Lem will be killed selling drugs
(b) Because he thinks he will never see him again
(c) Because he thinks Mason will be too sick for Tex to make it back to the city
(d) Because Lem will no longer want to see Tex or Mason

Short Answer Questions

1. What revelation does Lem make about Mason?

2. Who does Cole want to blame for the boys drunkenness the night before?

3. What surprise does the vice principal tell Tex?

4. What did the police tell Tex and Mason the hitchhiker was in jail for?

5. Which character agrees with Jamie about the new baby?

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