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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Tenth Man, pp. 274-279, Third Class, pp. 279-284.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why should Itsik have an automatic exemption from the draft?
(a) He is an only son since the demise of his brother.
(b) He has poor health.
(c) He is missing an eye.
(d) He is a university student.

2. What relief fund does Yoyl have to contribute to when he loses a bet?
(a) The local emigration fund.
(b) The Avelikz education fund.
(c) The Drozhne relief fund.
(d) The local orphanage.

3. Why does Tevye think that Podhotzur has summoned him to his house after his marriage to Beilke?
(a) He thinks Podhotzur will offer him a job.
(b) He thinks Podhotzur wants to give him a gift.
(c) He thinks Podhotzur will ask him to move in.
(d) He thinks Podhotzur wants to send him abroad.

4. How does Reb Nissl help Kivke avoid running the gauntlet?
(a) He finds a man willing to switch places with Kivke.
(b) He arranges to have him declared dead.
(c) He bribes officials to let him off with a three ruble fine.
(d) He gets him pardoned with the governor.

5. Which is NOT one of professions that Danielschik attempts to apprentice for?
(a) A carpenter.
(b) A goldsmith.
(c) A watchmaker.
(d) A tailer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color of ties is Froike-Sheygetz partial to?

2. According to Third Class, what is the danger of riding first class?

3. How does the Diamond dealer regard his ability to sell diamond?

4. Why does the thief claim to have no luck?

5. What part of the entrance exam does the son initially fail in High School.

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