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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 | Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the dance, why does Angel leave without talking to Tess?
(a) He thinks she is busy talking to someone else.
(b) He is too shy.
(c) He has to go catch up with his brother.
(d) He wants to see if Tess is watching him.

2. What does the parson tell Mr. Durbeyfield?
(a) That he thinks it is going to rain.
(b) That Mr. Durbeyfield is related to the D'Urbervilles.
(c) That Mr. Durbeyfield has won a small fortune.
(d) That Mr. Durbeyfield's house is on fire.

3. In Chapter 3, Tess is left in charge of all the younger children. Where have her parents gone?
(a) To the pub.
(b) To a dance.
(c) To visit a sick friend.
(d) Shopping.

4. What does Alec do in Chapter 9 that Tess doesn't like?
(a) Tells his mother she is not working hard enough.
(b) Hides behind the curtains and spies on her.
(c) Tells her she is not whistling loud enough.
(d) Ignores her at a dance.

5. When Angel looks back and sees Tess from the top of the hill, what does he think?
(a) He thinks she is pretty.
(b) He thinks that he has hurt her feelings.
(c) He thinks he is going to be late getting home.
(d) He thinks he should find his brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tess decide not to return home from Tantridge after all?

2. What plan does Tess's mother come up with to help the family?

3. Who eventually baptizes the child?

4. Who comes to fetch Tess and take her to Tantridge?

5. Who actually sent the letter inviting Tess to work at Tantridge?

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