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Margaret Cheney
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what is Nikola Tesla working around the time of his 75th birthday?
(a) A more powerful coil.
(b) A new source of power.
(c) A stronger oscillator.
(d) A new lighting generation machine.

2. In 1906, what type of model does Nikola Tesla build?
(a) A new AC dynamo.
(b) A bladeless turbine.
(c) A magnesium copper lamp.
(d) A new lightning machine.

3. In what year does the Great Depression begin?
(a) 1930.
(b) 1928.
(c) 1929.
(d) 1927.

4. What does Dr. Eisenbud suggest about Nikola Tesla's mental condition?
(a) He is schizophrenic.
(b) He is neurotic.
(c) He is psychotic.
(d) He is obsessive compulsive.

5. For what is Nikola Tesla singled out due to the role of Yugoslavia in the upcoming war?
(a) A political friend of Yugoslavia.
(b) An ideological pawn between East and West.
(c) A scientific advisor.
(d) An ambassador to Croatia.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year does the U.S. Supreme Court strike down the Marconi Company patents for the invention of radio?

2. What professor finds Nikola Tesla's ideas "thermodynamically sound"?

3. On what invention does Nikola Tesla claim he is working?

4. To which fellow New Yorker does Nikola Tesla pay back old debts?

5. How is Nikola Tesla planning to use the Tesla turbine engine?

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