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Margaret Cheney
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what is Nikola Tesla working around the time of his 75th birthday?
(a) A more powerful coil.
(b) A new lighting generation machine.
(c) A new source of power.
(d) A stronger oscillator.

2. What is Charles Hausler's job for Nikola Tesla?
(a) To pay his taxes.
(b) To feed and take care of the birds.
(c) To file his invention papers.
(d) To bring him meals.

3. What hotel is Nikola Tesla told to vacate in part because of his birds?
(a) The St. Regis.
(b) The Regency.
(c) The Park.
(d) The Waldorf.

4. What New York establishment drops Nikola Tesla's membership for non-payment of bills?
(a) The Players' Club.
(b) The Regency Room.
(c) The Palms.
(d) The Russian Tea Room.

5. Why does Nikola Tesla wish to reject the Edison Medal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers?
(a) He doesn't have a new invention to justify the award.
(b) It doesn't bring him funding.
(c) He doesn't need the publicity.
(d) It opens old wounds of his wars with Edison.

Short Answer Questions

1. At how many revolutions per minute does the Tesla turbine run?

2. In what year does the Great Depression begin?

3. With whom does the New York Times suggest that Nikola Tesla will share the 1915 Nobel Prize in physics?

4. Where is the National Research Council formed?

5. How is Nikola Tesla planning to use the Tesla turbine engine?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whom does Nikola approach for funding for his system to broadcast all wavelength channels from a single station, and why is this person his choice?

2. Describe why Nikola, now in his fifties, aggrandizes his theories and projects to others.

3. What mistake does Nikola make when proposing his process for degassifying copper to the American Smelting and Refining Company?

4. In Chapter 26, "Corks on Water," explain why J.P. Morgan will not invest in proposals Nikola Tesla makes after the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

5. Why does Nikola care for pigeons in Chapter 23, "Pigeons"?

6. In Chapter 15, "Magnificent and Doomed," what trickery does Nikola Tesla use in pictures in a published article to give the impression that he is impervious to the lighting generated at his Colorado Springs laboratory?

7. In Chapter 19, "The Nobel Affair," for what two inventions does Nikola Tesla think he can collaborate with John Hays Hammond, Jr., and why?

8. In Chapter 25, "The Birthday Parties," how does Kenneth Swezey make Nikola's seventy-fifth birthday memorable?

9. In the face of what is termed the 1903 "Rich Man's Panic," how does Scherff advise Nikola Tesla to leverage one of his inventions to raise funds?

10. Why is there conflicting information about Nikola Tesla's invention of a "Chinese Wall" in the U.S. of Teleforce?

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