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Margaret Cheney
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nikola Tesla ignore the NRC mission of finding a way to detect U-Boats?
(a) He doesn't have the funds.
(b) He is busy working with guided missiles and doomsday machines.
(c) He doesn't have the right laboratory
(d) He has already worked with the detection of U-Boats.

2. To which fellow New Yorker does Nikola Tesla pay back old debts?
(a) Robert Underwood Johnson.
(b) Thomas Edison.
(c) John Hays Hammond, Jr.
(d) George Westinghouse.

3. How does Nikola Tesla have photographs produced of the Colorado Springs lightning experiment?
(a) Using artistic enhancement.
(b) Using time exposures.
(c) Using plates.
(d) Using negatives.

4. How old is writer Kenneth M. Swezey when he arrives in New York City?
(a) 15.
(b) 19.
(c) 24.
(d) 20.

5. What New York establishment drops Nikola Tesla's membership for non-payment of bills?
(a) The Regency Room.
(b) The Players' Club.
(c) The Palms.
(d) The Russian Tea Room.

6. Who uses Nikola Tesla's 1900 radio patent to signal the letter "S" across the Atlantic ocean?
(a) Scherff.
(b) Edison.
(c) Westinghouse.
(d) Marconi.

7. How is Nikola Tesla planning to use the Tesla turbine engine?
(a) To create man-made lightning.
(b) For radio broadcasting.
(c) In a box-like flivver airplane.
(d) To generate electricity.

8. In what year does Nikola Tesla finally sue Marconi?
(a) 1914.
(b) 1917.
(c) 1915.
(d) 1920.

9. In what year does Nikola Tesla turn 80?
(a) 1936.
(b) 1938.
(c) 1935.
(d) 1937.

10. What do scientists and engineers worldwide do for Nikola Tesla's 75th birthday?
(a) Attend his party.
(b) Write letters and tributes.
(c) Publish his articles.
(d) Send gifts.

11. Who broadcasts voice and music programs in 1906 and 1907 based on Nikola Tesla's radio design and principles?
(a) Professor Pupin.
(b) William Marconi.
(c) Reginald A. Fessenden.
(d) Robert Underwood Johnson.

12. In what decade is Prohibition enacted?
(a) 1930s.
(b) 1900s.
(c) 1920s.
(d) 1910s.

13. Who tries to learn the secret of animosity between Nikola Tesla and professor Pupin?
(a) Katherine Johnson.
(b) Dragislav L. Petkovic.
(c) George Westinghouse.
(d) Scherff.

14. How much does Nikola Tesla's 1906 invention weigh?
(a) Less than 20 pounds.
(b) 30 pounds.
(c) Between 30 and 40 pounds.
(d) Less than 10 pounds.

15. For what experiment does Nikola Tesla solicit funding in New York in 1900?
(a) Telegraphic communication to any point on the globe.
(b) A new oscillator.
(c) A new carbon button lamp.
(d) A lightning generator.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nikola Tesla do during the Edison Medal presentation ceremony?

2. Who writes letters to Nikola Tesla from around the country, trying to encourage him about better health?

3. Where does Nikola Tesla go to create new inventions right after the Edison Medal event?

4. With what bird is Nikola Tesla enamored?

5. What Supreme Court decision about Nikola Tesla's invention eight months after his death vindicates him?

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