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Margaret Cheney
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the Palm Room?
(a) In the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
(b) In the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
(c) In the Plaza Hotel.
(d) In the St. Regis Hotel.

2. What does Nikola Tesla invent that is used in Rahway, New Jersey?
(a) A DC motor.
(b) A new light bulb.
(c) The Tesla arc lamp.
(d) A new generator.

3. From what financier does Nikola Tesla choose NOT to accept funds?
(a) J. Pierpont Morgan.
(b) Robert Underwood Johnson.
(c) Thomas Edison.
(d) George Westinghouse.

4. What happens when Nikola Tesla visits an official in Washington to offer a robotic invention to the government?
(a) The official tells him someone already approached the government.
(b) The official asks for more research.
(c) The official accepts the research.
(d) The official laughs at Nikola Tesla.

5. In what city does Nikola Tesla find a job in 1881?
(a) Prague.
(b) Munich.
(c) Budapest.
(d) Vienna.

6. In what field does Nikola Tesla pioneer inventions while the Nobel Prize goes to three others?
(a) The transistor.
(b) Radar.
(c) The radio.
(d) Wireless technology.

7. What is the name of the lamp that Nikola Tesla invents?
(a) Diamond-button lamp.
(b) Ruby-button lamp.
(c) Zirconia-button lamp.
(d) Carbon-button lamp.

8. What does Nikola Tesla send through neighboring buildings?
(a) Vibrations.
(b) Radiation.
(c) Electricity.
(d) Water.

9. At what game does Nikola Tesla become skilled?
(a) Horseshoes.
(b) Billiards.
(c) Chess.
(d) Polo.

10. What reward does Thomas Edison offer Nikola Tesla for completing the work with the dynamo?
(a) A $50,000 bonus.
(b) Stock in Thomas Edison's company.
(c) Vacation days.
(d) A $10/week raise.

11. What is Nikola Tesla's first job accomplishment with Thomas Edison?
(a) He improves Edison's laboratory.
(b) He improves direct current.
(c) He fixes a ship's lighting plant.
(d) He invents new types of light bulbs.

12. What accomplishment occurs at Niagara Falls in 1895?
(a) Westinghouse is ready to deliver 15,000 horsepower of electricity.
(b) GE delivers electricity first.
(c) Electrical lines are strung over the falls.
(d) George Westinghouse begins a new company.

13. In what city does Nikola Tesla give a lecture to the Institution of Electrical Engineers?
(a) London.
(b) New York.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Toronto.

14. What happens to Nikola Tesla's laboratory in 1895?
(a) It is made larger.
(b) It catches fire.
(c) It is raided by police.
(d) It is robbed.

15. What system of Nikola Tesla's invention allows alternating current to be delivered?
(a) Voltage system.
(b) DC system.
(c) Polyphase system.
(d) Fluorescent bulb system.

Short Answer Questions

1. By 1981, how many patents does Nikola Tesla get for AC electric systems?

2. For what does Nikola offer a plan to redesign for Edison?

3. What does Thomas Edison do to try to quash the acquisition of Nikola Tesla's invention?

4. Why is Nikola Tesla's vacuum tube unsuitable for laboratory research?

5. What major German invention in 1896 is most likely predated by Nikola Tesla's version?

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