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Margaret Cheney
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Tesla's Middle Years: Chapter 6, Nobel Stove.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what financier does Nikola Tesla choose NOT to accept funds?
(a) George Westinghouse.
(b) Robert Underwood Johnson.
(c) Thomas Edison.
(d) J. Pierpont Morgan.

2. About what do Nikola Tesla and John Hays Hammond Jr. correspond?
(a) Earning money through military applications for robotry.
(b) Improving the coil motor.
(c) Rebuilding the tower in Colorado Springs.
(d) Improving the copper button lamp.

3. Who funds Nikola Tesla's big Long Island experiment?
(a) Robert Underwood Johnson.
(b) George Westinghouse.
(c) Mark Twain.
(d) J. Pierpont Morgan.

4. What system of Nikola Tesla's invention allows alternating current to be delivered?
(a) Voltage system.
(b) Polyphase system.
(c) DC system.
(d) Fluorescent bulb system.

5. How does Thomas Edison use electrocution as a political weapon?
(a) He refers publicly to an electrocuted prisoner as being "Westinghoused."
(b) He sues Nikola Tesla for patent infringement.
(c) He publishes a newspaper article.
(d) He electrocutes birds.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tries to learn the secret of animosity between Nikola Tesla and professor Pupin?

2. How tall is Nikola Tesla in the year 1893?

3. With what device does Nikola Tesla achieve tensions of about one million volts?

4. With whom does the New York Times suggest that Nikola Tesla will share the 1915 Nobel Prize in physics?

5. What does Nikola Tesla demonstrate with thousands of high-frequency volts running through his body?

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