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Margaret Cheney
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Tesla's Middle Years: Chapter 2, Mars & Robots.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What personality difference jeopardizes the relationship between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla?
(a) They have different schedules.
(b) They have different religious beliefs.
(c) They solve problems differently.
(d) They have different hygiene.

2. In what year does the Tesla Electric Company open?
(a) 1900.
(b) 1888.
(c) 1876.
(d) 1887.

3. In Chapter 10, "An Error of Judgment," to what does Nikola Tesla expose his head frequently?
(a) Radio waves.
(b) Radiation.
(c) Atoms.
(d) Sun.

4. In what subject does Nikola Tesla excel in high school?
(a) Art.
(b) Math.
(c) Science.
(d) Social studies.

5. In what year does Ernest Orlando Lawrence win a Nobel prize for the cyclotron, a precursor of which Nikola Tesla exhibited?
(a) 1938.
(b) 1940.
(c) 1939.
(d) 1936.

Short Answer Questions

1. What accomplishment occurs at Niagara Falls in 1895?

2. How does Thomas Edison use electrocution as a political weapon?

3. Who adores Nikola Tesla for his many charms?

4. Why is Nikola Tesla's vacuum tube unsuitable for laboratory research?

5. In what 1896 publication is there speculation about Nikola Tesla's status with women?

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