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Margaret Cheney
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, The Final Decades: Chapter 2, The Inventor's 60s.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How tall is Nikola Tesla in the year 1893?
(a) Six feet four inches.
(b) Six feet.
(c) Six feet six inches.
(d) Five feet two inches.

2. In what year is the Wardenclyffe tower blown up?
(a) 1918.
(b) 1916.
(c) 1915.
(d) 1917.

3. What is rumored to have been developed in 1924 by Nikola Tesla?
(a) A warhead.
(b) A torpedo.
(c) A new oscillator.
(d) A death ray.

4. What event takes Nikola Tesla away from radio research in 1893?
(a) The World Congress.
(b) The Chicago World's Fair.
(c) A scientists' meeting in London.
(d) A bad radio experiment.

5. In what year does Nikola Tesla describe in detail the principles of radio broadcasting?
(a) 1895.
(b) 1891.
(c) 1890.
(d) 1893.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who writes letters to Nikola Tesla from around the country, trying to encourage him about better health?

2. In 1927, who tries to help Nikola Tesla with the promotion of a scientific concept?

3. What is Nikola Tesla doing in Europe when he conceives the idea that man could produce electric storms?

4. For whom does Nikola Tesla say he will build a villa in New York City?

5. In the early 1900s, from what illness does Nikola Tesla suffer?

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