Objects & Places from Tesla, Man Out of Time

Margaret Cheney
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Colorado Springs

This city is the location of many electrical experiments, including one about the powers of an artificial lightning storm.

Forked lightning

This is the term for artificially created lightening. This phenomenon, created by an inventor, impresses views and establishes the inventor's credibility in the arena of science.

Missing Papers

These belong to an inventor and disappear after the inventor's death. These objects also refer to the name of something suspected of being held by a US government agency.

Tesla Society

This organization is founded to help the public and scientific communities understand the inventor and his work.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel

This place is frequented by an inventor to eat dinner.

Burnless Mini Fireball

This invention consists of a small amount of fire that behaves like a red laser beam penetrating a flame.

Tesla's Laboratory Parlor Tricks

This term describes inventions that do not have a practical...

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