Daily Lessons for Teaching Tesla, Man Out of Time

Margaret Cheney
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Lesson 1 (from Book 1, The Beginning: Chapter 1, Introductions & The First 2 Chapters)


In Chapter 1, "Modern Prometheus," as a young American immigrant in his thirties, Nikola Tesla dazzles his friend Mark Twain in his New York Laboratory with demonstrations of a fireball, electricity exhibition, and an oscillator. The objective of this lesson is to explore Nikola Tesla's motives for demonstrating "illusions" to his colleagues.


1) Class Discussion: Ask the class to answer the following questions that set the stage for the lesson:

• What does Nikola Tesla hold in his hands that does not burn him?

• After Nikola Tesla electrocutes an animal placed on a platform, what happens when Nikola climbs onto the same platform?

• What are the guests' perceptions of Nikola Tesla's fireball?

• What two types of current are involved in the platform experiment?

• About what does Nikola Tesla caution his guests?

2) Small Group Exercise: Divide the class into groups of two or three. Ask each group to discuss...

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