Tesla, Man Out of Time Character Descriptions

Margaret Cheney
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Thomas Edison - This individual develops many inventions that have an impact on everyday culture. This person is the beneficiary of funding for the experiments as well as ample assistants.

Margaret Cheney - This individual writes about the life and times of a person who moved from Croatia to America and becomes a great scientist and inventor.

Nikola Tesla - This tall, slender inventor is born in Croatia in 1856 and dies in 1943. This individual is one of seven siblings.

Mark Twain - The work of this person helps a young boy overcome a sickly childhood.

M. Bauzin - This individual serves as a mayor in a German city and helps an inventor obtain his first source of funding for various inventions.

Charles Batchelor - This person works with a famous inventor of electricity solutions and recommends a young scientist who is later mentored by the famous inventor...

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