Tesla, Man Out of Time Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Margaret Cheney
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Book 1, The Beginning: Chapter 1, Introductions & The First 2 Chapters

• The book introduction describes the writings about and by Nikola Tesla.

• Nikola Tesla, a tall, slender brown-haired inventor, is well-connected.

• He is the fourth child in a family of seven children; two older siblings die at a young age.

• Nikola Tesla's mother is a brilliant inventor, creating practical inventions.

• Nikola is expected by his father to become a clergyman.

• In his lab, Nikola demonstrates an invention that allows him to live through experiencing high voltage.

Book 1, The Beginning: Chapter 2, Immigrants & the Power of Thomas Edison

• Nikola Tesla gets a job at a telegraph office in Hungary.

• He then works with a company owned by Thomas Edison, becoming an electrical engineer. He works with alternating current. Thomas Edison, however, favors direct current.

• Nikola Tesla moves to America when he is twenty-eight. He begins working with Thomas Edison, helping him solve a...

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