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Vince Flynn
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Short Answer Questions

1. When Michael O'Rourke finds out what is occurring, he insists they inform the FBI of what?

2. Michael O'Rourke declines Olson's request to join him in the funeral procession, but then does what?

3. Jackson tells the O'Rourke men that he believes who is responsible for the deaths of Olson and Turnquist?

4. Where do Seamus and Michael O'Rourke travel to meet with Augie Jackson?

5. Garret listens in on a private meeting between his boss and which individual who convinces Stevens he needs his support to pass the budget?

Short Essay Questions

1. What results from Ted Hopkinson's polls in Chapter 10?

2. What does Speaker of the House Thomas Basset say on television?

3. How is Congressman Burt Turnquist killed?

4. What does McMahon take in when he arrives at the scene of the Turnquist murder?

5. What transportation arrangements does Warch make in Chapter 17 between the White House and Camp David?

6. What does Chapter 5 begin to follow?

7. What is some important information about Michael O'Rourke's background that the reader learns in Chapter 7?

8. What measures do the assassins take in killing Speaker Basset?

9. What happens during the meeting Stevens has with his advisers following Olson's assassination?

10. What happens when the Secret Service Agent in charge of Basset's protection, Agent Harry Dorle, goes to the White House after Basset's murder?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In what fashion does Michael O'Rourke's involvement in the assassins' mission greatly increase in Chapter 31?

Essay Topic 2

Chapters 43 and 44 are filled with symbolism. When Michael O'Rourke spits blood at Nance, the National Security Adviser is covered which is symbolic of what? Nance is responsible for which deaths and how?

Essay Topic 3

How does Chapter 11 explain the motivation behind the assassins' actions?

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