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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Scott Coleman's group that is heading for the Higgins estate is to do what with respect to his security guards?
(a) Hide from them.
(b) Bribe them.
(c) Distract them.
(d) Tranquilize them.

2. What do the CIA rescue members use at Nance's property to determine how many people are in the house and where they are located?
(a) Frequency modulation synthesis.
(b) Directional microphones.
(c) Thermal imaging.
(d) Electromagnetic radiation.

3. The SEALs said that, following Operation Snatch Back, they felt which terrorists that they were sent to assassinate were not surprised by their arrival?
(a) Lebanese.
(b) Iranian.
(c) Libyan.
(d) Afghan.

4. A part of the CIA director does not want Higgins to be taken alive as he does not like him, and what is another reason?
(a) Higgins acts like a renegade and may change allegiance.
(b) Higgins' loyalty cannot be trusted.
(c) Higgins was forced from Dark Ops and is not trustworthy.
(d) Higgins knows too much about the CIA and its operations.

5. Higgins attempts to reassure Nance of what?
(a) The FBI does not know there are two groups.
(b) Vanelli will not talk, he fears death.
(c) Garret will not talk.
(d) The murders cannot be traced back to them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nance tell Garret about Higgins?

2. To whom does Stansfield say that Higgins' death may be a blessing since his captors will not have had time to question him and learn state secrets?

3. Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke drive back to Michael's home with Higgins where?

4. Admiral DeVoe says that they learned which agency found an information leak which caused Operation Snatch Back to fail?

5. While walking in the terminal, Michael O'Rourke and his girlfriend hear part of a news broadcast announcing that Nance is dead, apparently dying how?

Short Essay Questions

1. What transpires in another meeting with McMahon, Roach, Kennedy, and Stansfield?

2. How does the author further the "Good" as opposed to "Evil" theme?

3. What takes place as the guards patrol Higgins' estate grounds?

4. What does Michael O'Rourke tell his girlfriend transpired when Stansfield played the tape in front of Nance and Garret?

5. What happens at the White House when Stansfield notifies Stevens and his cabinet that Higgins has been kidnapped?

6. When his girlfriend goes out to get food, what happens when Michael O'Rourke opens the door to a man he does not recognize?

7. What happens when Higgins hears the cameras being shot?

8. In Chapter 37, what does Scott Coleman discover upon initially returning to his apartment after dumping Higgins' body outside Garret's residence?

9. Meanwhile, what happens back at Nance's ranch when Stevens gets through to him?

10. What takes place in the meeting between Nance and Garret after Higgins' body is found?

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