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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In accordance with CIA procedure, Higgins' residence is called and what transpires?
(a) There is no answer from the Higgins' residence.
(b) An injured guard promptly answers but cannot get into the house.
(c) Receiving no answer, a team is sent to check.
(d) An injured guard eventually answers and confirms Higgins' kidnapping.

2. Admiral DeVoe says that they learned which agency found an information leak which caused Operation Snatch Back to fail?
(a) Defense Intelligence Agency.
(b) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(c) National Security Agency.
(d) National Criminal Intelligence Service.

3. Michael O'Rourke tells Scott Coleman what Jackson said, from the murder of the French politicians to the motive Higgins may have for killing which victim?
(a) Downs.
(b) Burmiester.
(c) Turnquist.
(d) Olson.

4. A note that accompanied Higgins' tape threatens to release copies to the media if Garret and Nance are not forced out of politics, and both must pledge to donate what?
(a) 2/3 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(b) 1/2 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(c) All of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(d) 1/4 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.

5. To whom does Stansfield say that Higgins' death may be a blessing since his captors will not have had time to question him and learn state secrets?
(a) Dr. Kennedy.
(b) Roach.
(c) Dobbs.
(d) Stevens.

Short Answer Questions

1. Scott Coleman's men realize that, due to Higgins' tight security, what will have to happen in order for the kidnapping to succeed?

2. Scott Coleman and his men meet up with Michael O'Rourke and travel to Higgins' estate for what purpose?

3. Higgins attempts to reassure Nance of what?

4. Dr. Kennedy is studying the Special Forces personnel files when she reads Scott Coleman's and sees he was on which mission that failed, causing the deaths of eight men?

5. How do Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke travel to Higgins' estate to kidnap him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What takes place in the meeting between Nance and Garret after Higgins' body is found?

2. What transpires in another meeting with McMahon, Roach, Kennedy, and Stansfield?

3. What information is contained in a note that Michael O'Rourke says came with the taped confession?

4. Why do Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke decide to kidnap, rather than kill, Higgins at his home?

5. What takes place as the guards patrol Higgins' estate grounds?

6. What does Kennedy tell McMahon at a meeting in the Pentagon?

7. What takes place back at the CIA Operations Center after Stroble and Hackett escape with Tim O'Rourke?

8. What happens when Higgins hears the cameras being shot?

9. When his girlfriend goes out to get food, what happens when Michael O'Rourke opens the door to a man he does not recognize?

10. Who is Sam Jarvi?

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