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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Back at his ranch, Nance's assistant interrupts him, saying that who is calling?
(a) Scott Coleman.
(b) Michael O'Rourke's girlfriend.
(c) Stansfield.
(d) Stevens.

2. Feeling he has nothing to lose, Nance tells Garret that he would like to have what with Michael O'Rourke to find out what he knows and get some payback for his broken nose?
(a) A little "exchange."
(b) A little "chat."
(c) A little "discussion."
(d) A little "talk."

3. Nance tells Higgins he thinks the FBI knows what?
(a) That Vanelli is connected.
(b) That Nance is connected.
(c) There are two groups of killers.
(d) That Garret is connected.

4. Scott Coleman and his men shoot the guards and dogs using what?
(a) Guns equipped with silencers.
(b) An incapacitating agent.
(c) Shotguns so they cannot be traced.
(d) Untraceable bullets.

5. Who receives a scrambled voice modulator call advising where a dead former CIA employee may be found?
(a) CIA headquarters.
(b) ABC television network.
(c) FBI headquarters.
(d) The media.

Short Answer Questions

1. A note that accompanied Higgins' tape threatens to release copies to the media if Garret and Nance are not forced out of politics, and both must pledge to donate what?

2. While walking in the terminal, Michael O'Rourke and his girlfriend hear part of a news broadcast announcing that Nance is dead, apparently dying how?

3. Who at CIA headquarters receives a signal that Higgins' personal alarm has been activated?

4. Stansfield meets with Roach and tells him that he believes what?

5. Stansfield wants to include Scott Coleman in the briefing, which means that the FBI must halt surveillance for a day or so, and McMahon agrees, noting what?

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