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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Stansfield wants to ensure that Michael O'Rourke will not share the information he has with anyone else, whereupon Michael relates he has only spoken with which people and will speak with no others?
(a) His grandfather, brother, and girlfriend.
(b) His family, girlfriend, the CIA, and the FBI.
(c) His family, girlfriend, and the CIA.
(d) His grandfather, brother, girlfriend, and Scott Coleman.

2. Michael O'Rourke's girlfriend leaves a message for Stansfield that she is with a Washington paper and will go to press with all she has on Garret and Nance if he does not call her back how fast?
(a) Within 15 minutes.
(b) Within ten minutes.
(c) Within five minutes.
(d) Within 30 minutes.

3. Requesting Stansfield's number from Seamus O'Rourke, Scott Coleman ends the call after asking Seamus to call him back when?
(a) If he hears from Michael.
(b) In one hour.
(c) In 30 minutes.
(d) In ten minutes.

4. With both Nance and Garret in the room, Stansfield says he will play a tape unless what?
(a) One of them explains why Higgins was killed.
(b) Nance explains why Higgins' body was left where it was.
(c) One of them provides the whole truth.
(d) Garret explains why Higgins' body was left where it was.

5. Scott Coleman and his men meet up with Michael O'Rourke and travel to Higgins' estate for what purpose?
(a) Kidnapping.
(b) Observing.
(c) Assassinating.
(d) Trapping.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his taped confession, whom does Higgins say forced him out of the CIA in addition to Stansfield?

2. Back at his ranch, Nance's assistant interrupts him, saying that who is calling?

3. Scott Coleman is unwilling to stay on the line for more than how long, even using the mobile scramble phone?

4. Following Nance's response when the tape ends, what does Garret do?

5. With night vision goggles, Scott Coleman sees that an apartment across from his contains what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although reluctant at first, Kennedy and McMahon go for a ride with Michael O'Rourke to do what?

2. In Chapter 37, what does Scott Coleman discover upon initially returning to his apartment after dumping Higgins' body outside Garret's residence?

3. What information do Michael O'Rourke and Scott Coleman exchange at the end of Chapter 30?

4. What does Dobbs tell Stansfield upon the arrival of Jarod at Nance's ranch?

5. What does Michael O'Rourke tell his girlfriend transpired when Stansfield played the tape in front of Nance and Garret?

6. Who is Sam Jarvi?

7. What information is contained in a note that Michael O'Rourke says came with the taped confession?

8. What happens when Stansfield calls the President to determine if he is knows where Nance and Garret are?

9. Chapter 45 provides what final elements of the "Consequences" theme?

10. What takes place as the guards patrol Higgins' estate grounds?

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