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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Scott Coleman is afraid to use any of his contacts for information about Turnquist's death since doing so might do what?
(a) Jeopardize the contacts.
(b) Expose the assassins.
(c) Prompt more killings.
(d) Draw unwanted attention.

2. When it is suggested that Stevens employ increased military security at the White House, what is his response?
(a) He agrees.
(b) He agrees only to an increase in plain-clothes security.
(c) He agrees only to hidden sharpshooters on surrounding buildings.
(d) He declines.

3. The President suspends all official business until when?
(a) All senior staff members are in seclusion.
(b) The new security is in place.
(c) All the assassins are apprehended.
(d) It is safe for everyone.

4. In another secret meeting with Nance (who has concerns after Olson's death,) Higgins convinces him everything will be fine by when?
(a) The next day.
(b) In a few days.
(c) The next week.
(d) In two weeks.

5. After Basset's death, a recorded message using a computerize voice is received at the ABC television network via what?
(a) Phone.
(b) FedEx.
(c) U.S. mail.
(d) UPS.

Short Answer Questions

1. Michael O'Rourke declines Olson's request to join him in the funeral procession, but then does what?

2. What does the President's Chief of Staff do at the close of Chapter 4?

3. What does Michael O'Rourke do since his friend, Mark Coleman, was killed by an addict with multiple convictions for armed robbery that has been released early?

4. What happens when a mysterious man named Arthur Higgins observes Michael O'Rourke with Olson?

5. How does the assassin kill Senator Daniel Fitzgerald?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Chapter 5 begin to follow?

2. What does Augie Jackson tell Seamus and Michael O'Rourke when they travel to Georgia?

3. What happens when the Secret Service Agent in charge of Basset's protection, Agent Harry Dorle, goes to the White House after Basset's murder?

4. What sort of security system does Higgins employ at his personal residence?

5. What message does the old man from the cemetery call and leave for McMahon?

6. Chapter 15 is short and addresses what?

7. What happens when Michael O'Rourke hangs up on the President?

8. How do Michael and Seamus O'Rourke get Senator Olson to talk about the budget summit at Camp David in Chapter 23?

9. How does the first chapter begin?

10. What does McMahon take in when he arrives at the scene of the Turnquist murder?

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