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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Liz Scarlatti introduces herself to Stevens as a reporter for which periodical?
(a) Washington Reader.
(b) Washington Herald.
(c) Washington Post.
(d) Washington Times.

2. The President suspends all official business until when?
(a) The new security is in place.
(b) All the assassins are apprehended.
(c) It is safe for everyone.
(d) All senior staff members are in seclusion.

3. What does Olson later do after making the offensive remark to Seamus O'Rourke?
(a) Apologizes.
(b) Slaps his face.
(c) Calls him a terrorist.
(d) Spits on him.

4. As the politicians ignore his warnings that the White House would be safer than Camp David, Secret Service Agent Jack Warch makes what transportation arrangements?
(a) Armored limousine from an underground lot.
(b) Military helicopter from the White House lawn.
(c) Armored limousine from the White House drive.
(d) Police helicopter from the White House lawn.

5. Garret listens in on a private meeting between his boss and which individual who convinces Stevens he needs his support to pass the budget?
(a) Nance.
(b) Dickson.
(c) Fitzgerald.
(d) Olson.

Short Answer Questions

1. In another secret meeting with Nance (who has concerns after Olson's death,) Higgins convinces him everything will be fine by when?

2. The President holds a meeting in the Situation Room and announces that who will be responsible for security of the remaining senators, congressmen, and their families?

3. What does the President's Chief of Staff advise him to do if he becomes uncomfortable during an upcoming press conference?

4. Who suddenly arrives at the cabin and verifies what Scott Coleman is telling Michael O'Rourke about Olson's death?

5. Despite Secret Service warnings against any public appearances, Basset decides to participate in what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Olson assassinated?

2. Why does Michael O'Rourke carry a concealed gun?

3. How is Congressman Burt Turnquist killed?

4. What does Chapter 5 begin to follow?

5. What happens when the Secret Service Agent in charge of Basset's protection, Agent Harry Dorle, goes to the White House after Basset's murder?

6. How do Michael and Seamus O'Rourke get Senator Olson to talk about the budget summit at Camp David in Chapter 23?

7. What sort of security system does Higgins employ at his personal residence?

8. What does McMahon take in when he arrives at the scene of the Turnquist murder?

9. What results from Ted Hopkinson's polls in Chapter 10?

10. What message does the old man from the cemetery call and leave for McMahon?

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