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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Following Nance's response when the tape ends, what does Garret do?
(a) Blames it all on Nance.
(b) Denies everything as well.
(c) Says he was threatened by Nance and Higgins.
(d) Blames it all on Higgins.

2. Michael O'Rourke contacts McMahon and convinces him that he has information about who's deaths?
(a) Fitzgerald's and Basset's.
(b) Higgins' and Olson's.
(c) Olson's and Turnquist's.
(d) Koslowski's and Downs'.

3. To whom does Stansfield say that Higgins' death may be a blessing since his captors will not have had time to question him and learn state secrets?
(a) Stevens.
(b) Roach.
(c) Dr. Kennedy.
(d) Dobbs.

4. How do Dr. Kennedy and McMahon travel to meet Michael O'Rourke?
(a) By truck.
(b) By car.
(c) By taxi.
(d) By motorcycle.

5. Scott Coleman cautions that nobody is to fire while at Higgins' residence unless what?
(a) They are fired upon.
(b) There is no alternative.
(c) They have a clear shot at Higgins.
(d) Innocent individuals are hurt.

6. When Garret screams out, what does Nance do?
(a) Slaps him across the face, ordering him to shut up.
(b) Says Garret is lying.
(c) Grabs him to shut him up.
(d) Chokes him, ordering him to shut up.

7. Higgins is attacked when he steps outside for what?
(a) A cigar.
(b) A pipe smoke.
(c) A gin and tonic.
(d) A cigarette.

8. Michael O'Rourke tells Scott Coleman what Jackson said, from the murder of the French politicians to the motive Higgins may have for killing which victim?
(a) Downs.
(b) Turnquist.
(c) Burmiester.
(d) Olson.

9. Where does Scott Coleman go to lose those who are following him?
(a) The K Street tunnel.
(b) Metro Rapid Transit.
(c) The Smithsonian Museum complex.
(d) The Naval Academy.

10. Scott Coleman's group that is heading for the Higgins estate is to do what with respect to his security guards?
(a) Hide from them.
(b) Tranquilize them.
(c) Distract them.
(d) Bribe them.

11. Nance threatens to have Garret killed if he does not go along with which plan?
(a) Telling Stansfield they were working with Higgins to blackmail Moore.
(b) Telling Stansfield they were working with Higgins to kill Olson.
(c) Telling Roach that Higgins said he would kill them if they did not help him.
(d) Telling Roach they were working with Higgins to blackmail Moore.

12. In Chapter 40, Nance is at his horse ranch in Maryland where he is under orders to resign by when?
(a) Noon that day.
(b) Six o'clock the next evening.
(c) Noon the next day.
(d) Six o'clock that evening.

13. In his taped confession, whom does Higgins say forced him out of the CIA in addition to Stansfield?
(a) Fitzgerald.
(b) Downs.
(c) Olson.
(d) Turnquist.

14. Higgins' estate is protected by multiple guards, dogs, and what else?
(a) High-tech explosive devices.
(b) A high-tech security system.
(c) Multiple cameras and televisions.
(d) Multiple microphones and a sound sensing system.

15. How do Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke travel to Higgins' estate to kidnap him?
(a) Together with Scott's men.
(b) Scott apart from his men and Michael.
(c) Scott and Michael together, but apart from Scott's men.
(d) Michael apart from Scott and his men.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dr. Kennedy believes the assassin who killed Downs was seen in what fashion?

2. Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke drive back to Michael's home with Higgins where?

3. Michael O'Rourke, his brother Tim, and Seamus meet whom to discuss what they have learned from Jackson?

4. In spite of Michael O'Rourke's objections, who tells Tim O'Rourke everything about his involvement in the assassinations?

5. Where does Dr. Kennedy meet McMahon in Chapter 30?

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