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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke travel to Higgins' estate to kidnap him?
(a) Scott apart from his men and Michael.
(b) Together with Scott's men.
(c) Michael apart from Scott and his men.
(d) Scott and Michael together, but apart from Scott's men.

2. Requesting Stansfield's number from Seamus O'Rourke, Scott Coleman ends the call after asking Seamus to call him back when?
(a) In ten minutes.
(b) In 30 minutes.
(c) If he hears from Michael.
(d) In one hour.

3. Michael O'Rourke tells Scott Coleman what Jackson said, from the murder of the French politicians to the motive Higgins may have for killing which victim?
(a) Olson.
(b) Burmiester.
(c) Downs.
(d) Turnquist.

4. How do Dr. Kennedy and McMahon travel to meet Michael O'Rourke?
(a) By motorcycle.
(b) By car.
(c) By truck.
(d) By taxi.

5. Higgins' estate is protected by multiple guards, dogs, and what else?
(a) High-tech explosive devices.
(b) A high-tech security system.
(c) Multiple microphones and a sound sensing system.
(d) Multiple cameras and televisions.

6. Dr. Kennedy feels that Downs' killer wants people to think that he is what so that he will not be captured and time will be wasted on the investigation?
(a) Hispanic.
(b) Asian.
(c) Caucasian.
(d) Black.

7. When the guards move unexpectedly, what happens at Higgins' estate?
(a) Higgins' garage door opens.
(b) An alarm goes off.
(c) Higgins exits the front door.
(d) The residence is lit by floodlights.

8. Who informs Stansfield that Higgins' body has been located?
(a) Dr. Kennedy.
(b) McMahon.
(c) Dobbs.
(d) Roach.

9. After dumping Higgins' body, Scott Coleman returns to his home where he does what?
(a) Gets a shower and some long needed rest.
(b) Checks it for intruders.
(c) Burns his clothes and washes with hydrogen peroxide.
(d) Scans it for listening devices.

10. When Garret screams out, what does Nance do?
(a) Slaps him across the face, ordering him to shut up.
(b) Says Garret is lying.
(c) Chokes him, ordering him to shut up.
(d) Grabs him to shut him up.

11. Who or what does Michael O'Rourke decide to employ for protection and to ensure that Garret and Nance get what they deserve?
(a) Vanelli's taped threats.
(b) Higgins' taped confession.
(c) McMahon.
(d) Stroble and Hackett.

12. Dr. Kennedy believes the assassin who killed Downs was seen in what fashion?
(a) Accidentally.
(b) By a delivery driver.
(c) Intentionally.
(d) Due to electronic surveillance.

13. In Chapter 33, is Dr. Kennedy is meeting with whom when she calls Heaney in to join them?
(a) Stansfield.
(b) McMahon.
(c) Tracy.
(d) Roach.

14. Higgins' body is left where?
(a) Nance's front yard.
(b) The Lincoln Memorial.
(c) Garret's front yard.
(d) The Capitol steps.

15. Meanwhile, at the White House, who informs Stevens and his cabinet that Higgins has been abducted?
(a) McMahon.
(b) Roach.
(c) Stansfield.
(d) Tracy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Scott Coleman's men realize that, due to Higgins' tight security, what will have to happen in order for the kidnapping to succeed?

2. Who at CIA headquarters receives a signal that Higgins' personal alarm has been activated?

3. Stansfield asks Dr. Kennedy to run a background check on which individual to see if he has any connections to the assassins?

4. When the meeting with Stansfield begins, Scott Coleman decides to trust him, and he removes what?

5. Higgins attempts to reassure Nance of what?

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