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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In spite of Michael O'Rourke's objections, who tells Tim O'Rourke everything about his involvement in the assassinations?
(a) Seamus O'Rourke.
(b) Alex Tracy.
(c) Brian Roach.
(d) Scott Coleman.

2. In accordance with CIA procedure, Higgins' residence is called and what transpires?
(a) An injured guard eventually answers and confirms Higgins' kidnapping.
(b) There is no answer from the Higgins' residence.
(c) An injured guard promptly answers but cannot get into the house.
(d) Receiving no answer, a team is sent to check.

3. Higgins' estate is protected by multiple guards, dogs, and what else?
(a) Multiple cameras and televisions.
(b) High-tech explosive devices.
(c) A high-tech security system.
(d) Multiple microphones and a sound sensing system.

4. Michael O'Rourke props Higgins' body where?
(a) The railing at the Capitol steps.
(b) A column at the Lincoln Memorial.
(c) The fence at Garret's home.
(d) The fence at Nance's home.

5. Higgins attempts to reassure Nance of what?
(a) Vanelli will not talk, he fears death.
(b) The murders cannot be traced back to them.
(c) Garret will not talk.
(d) The FBI does not know there are two groups.

6. Stansfield wants to ensure that Michael O'Rourke will not share the information he has with anyone else, whereupon Michael relates he has only spoken with which people and will speak with no others?
(a) His grandfather, brother, girlfriend, and Scott Coleman.
(b) His family, girlfriend, the CIA, and the FBI.
(c) His grandfather, brother, and girlfriend.
(d) His family, girlfriend, and the CIA.

7. Stansfield calls the President to see if he knows what?
(a) Garret's whereabouts.
(b) Michael O'Rourke's whereabouts.
(c) Garret's and Nance's whereabouts.
(d) Nance's whereabouts.

8. Scott Coleman's men realize that, due to Higgins' tight security, what will have to happen in order for the kidnapping to succeed?
(a) The dogs and guards must be killed.
(b) The dogs and guards must be distracted.
(c) The dogs and guards must be drugged.
(d) The dogs must be killed, and the guards drugged.

9. Scott Coleman is unwilling to stay on the line for more than how long, even using the mobile scramble phone?
(a) Three minutes.
(b) One minute.
(c) 90 seconds.
(d) Two minutes.

10. Admiral DeVoe says that they learned which agency found an information leak which caused Operation Snatch Back to fail?
(a) Defense Intelligence Agency.
(b) National Criminal Intelligence Service.
(c) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(d) National Security Agency.

11. Feeling he has nothing to lose, Nance tells Garret that he would like to have what with Michael O'Rourke to find out what he knows and get some payback for his broken nose?
(a) A little "chat."
(b) A little "discussion."
(c) A little "talk."
(d) A little "exchange."

12. Stansfield tells Stevens that either Garret explains his involvement with Higgins to Stansfield under protection of the National Secrecy Act, or he will be deposed on the record by which agency?
(a) National Security Agency.
(b) National Criminal Intelligence Service.
(c) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(d) Defense Intelligence Agency.

13. A note that accompanied Higgins' tape threatens to release copies to the media if Garret and Nance are not forced out of politics, and both must pledge to donate what?
(a) 1/4 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(b) All of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(c) 2/3 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(d) 1/2 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.

14. One assassinated politician leaked information to a bartender, who sold it to a "reporter" who turned out to be a former analyst for what agency, but now sells information to the highest bidder?
(a) The ISI.
(b) The DIA.
(c) The KGB.
(d) The NSA.

15. How do Dr. Kennedy and McMahon travel to meet Michael O'Rourke?
(a) By car.
(b) By taxi.
(c) By motorcycle.
(d) By truck.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who says a final briefing with Scott Coleman, and both Seamus and Tim O'Rourke, will be arranged following Olson's funeral?

2. A screen at the CIA Operations Center is monitored after Higgins' abduction that is tracking what?

3. When Michael O'Rourke opens the door, the stranger does what?

4. Who suspects that it was Olson who told Michael O'Rourke that Fitzgerald leaked the information about Scott Coleman's mission and got his men killed?

5. Meanwhile, at the White House, who informs Stevens and his cabinet that Higgins has been abducted?

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