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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Higgins' estate is protected by multiple guards, dogs, and what else?
(a) A high-tech security system.
(b) High-tech explosive devices.
(c) Multiple cameras and televisions.
(d) Multiple microphones and a sound sensing system.

2. Who makes a radio transmission to the others hidden outside Higgins' home?
(a) Scott Coleman.
(b) Kevin Hackett.
(c) Dan Stroble.
(d) Michael O'Rourke.

3. Scott Coleman is unwilling to stay on the line for more than how long, even using the mobile scramble phone?
(a) Two minutes.
(b) 90 seconds.
(c) One minute.
(d) Three minutes.

4. A note that accompanied Higgins' tape threatens to release copies to the media if Garret and Nance are not forced out of politics, and both must pledge to donate what?
(a) 1/2 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(b) 2/3 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(c) All of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.
(d) 1/4 of their money to families of law enforcement officers that have been killed.

5. Stansfield tells Stevens that either Garret explains his involvement with Higgins to Stansfield under protection of the National Secrecy Act, or he will be deposed on the record by which agency?
(a) Defense Intelligence Agency.
(b) National Criminal Intelligence Service.
(c) National Security Agency.
(d) Federal Bureau of Investigation.

6. Dr. Kennedy believes the assassin who killed Downs was seen in what fashion?
(a) Intentionally.
(b) Due to electronic surveillance.
(c) Accidentally.
(d) By a delivery driver.

7. What does Nance do upon receiving a call while he is dealing with Michael O'Rourke?
(a) Speaks but a few words, then slams phone down.
(b) Speaks for a while, then hangs up on the caller.
(c) Speaks a good while, then hangs up nervously when done.
(d) Instructs his assistant to tell the caller he is too busy.

8. Stansfield asks Dr. Kennedy to run a background check on which individual to see if he has any connections to the assassins?
(a) Tim O'Rourke.
(b) Seamus O'Rourke.
(c) Admiral DeVoe.
(d) Michael O'Rourke.

9. Michael O'Rourke contacts McMahon and convinces him that he has information about who's deaths?
(a) Koslowski's and Downs'.
(b) Fitzgerald's and Basset's.
(c) Olson's and Turnquist's.
(d) Higgins' and Olson's.

10. Who ties up the boat's steering wheel so that it will remain on a straight course?
(a) Dickson.
(b) Jackson.
(c) Hackett.
(d) Stroble.

11. What does Nance tell Garret about Higgins?
(a) Nance told Higgins about Garret's response to McMahon's tape.
(b) Nance will have Garret killed if he talks.
(c) Someone else told Higgins about Garret's response to McMahon's tape.
(d) Higgins told Nance to kill Garret if he talks.

12. A screen at the CIA Operations Center is monitored after Higgins' abduction that is tracking what?
(a) Higgins' homing device and a rescue team.
(b) Canine search teams and helicopters.
(c) Higgins' homing device and helicopters.
(d) CIA rescue units and police search teams.

13. Stansfield calls the President to see if he knows what?
(a) Garret's whereabouts.
(b) Michael O'Rourke's whereabouts.
(c) Nance's whereabouts.
(d) Garret's and Nance's whereabouts.

14. Who was the assassinated politician that leaked the information to the bartender?
(a) Basset.
(b) Koslowski.
(c) Downs.
(d) Fitzgerald.

15. Where does Dr. Kennedy meet McMahon in Chapter 30?
(a) CIA headquarters.
(b) FBI headquarters.
(c) DOD, Washington, D.C.
(d) The Pentagon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who begins shooting out the security cameras which causes Higgins to start running inside?

2. Michael O'Rourke tells Dr. Kennedy and McMahon that an envelope containing a tape was dropped off on his doorstep when?

3. In order to travel to Nance's ranch, Stansfield boards a helicopter that is disguised how?

4. Michael O'Rourke is fed up with both Nance and Garret, and, turning his attention to the latter, he demands that he confess or else what?

5. Who arrives at Michael O'Rourke's home while his girlfriend is on the phone with Stansfield?

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