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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which individuals meet again and decide they must learn the identities of the assassins, even if they cannot prosecute them?
(a) Roach, McMahon, Mitchell, and Stansfield.
(b) McMahon, Roach, Stansfield, and Tracy.
(c) McMahon, Roach, Stansfield, and Dr. Kennedy.
(d) Heaney, McMahon, Roach, and Stansfield.

2. Where does Dr. Kennedy meet McMahon in Chapter 30?
(a) CIA headquarters.
(b) DOD, Washington, D.C.
(c) The Pentagon.
(d) FBI headquarters.

3. Who begins shooting out the security cameras which causes Higgins to start running inside?
(a) Michael O'Rourke.
(b) Scott Coleman.
(c) Dan Stroble,
(d) Kevin Hackett.

4. Who informs Stansfield that Higgins' body has been located?
(a) Dobbs.
(b) Dr. Kennedy.
(c) Roach.
(d) McMahon.

5. Who makes a radio transmission to the others hidden outside Higgins' home?
(a) Scott Coleman.
(b) Kevin Hackett.
(c) Michael O'Rourke.
(d) Dan Stroble.

6. What do the CIA rescue members use at Nance's property to determine how many people are in the house and where they are located?
(a) Thermal imaging.
(b) Directional microphones.
(c) Frequency modulation synthesis.
(d) Electromagnetic radiation.

7. Her suspicions aroused upon reading Scot Coleman's file, Dr. Kennedy leaves it for Heaney so he can read it when?
(a) The next day.
(b) That afternoon.
(c) That evening.
(d) That morning.

8. Stansfield tells Stevens that either Garret explains his involvement with Higgins to Stansfield under protection of the National Secrecy Act, or he will be deposed on the record by which agency?
(a) Defense Intelligence Agency.
(b) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(c) National Criminal Intelligence Service.
(d) National Security Agency.

9. Scott Coleman's men realize that, due to Higgins' tight security, what will have to happen in order for the kidnapping to succeed?
(a) The dogs and guards must be drugged.
(b) The dogs must be killed, and the guards drugged.
(c) The dogs and guards must be distracted.
(d) The dogs and guards must be killed.

10. Stansfield wants to ensure that Michael O'Rourke will not share the information he has with anyone else, whereupon Michael relates he has only spoken with which people and will speak with no others?
(a) His grandfather, brother, girlfriend, and Scott Coleman.
(b) His grandfather, brother, and girlfriend.
(c) His family, girlfriend, and the CIA.
(d) His family, girlfriend, the CIA, and the FBI.

11. A part of the CIA director does not want Higgins to be taken alive as he does not like him, and what is another reason?
(a) Higgins was forced from Dark Ops and is not trustworthy.
(b) Higgins knows too much about the CIA and its operations.
(c) Higgins' loyalty cannot be trusted.
(d) Higgins acts like a renegade and may change allegiance.

12. Stansfield meets with Roach and tells him that he believes what?
(a) The O'Rourke brothers were involved with Seamus O'Rourke.
(b) Scott Coleman was involved with Stroble and Hackett.
(c) Michael O'Rourke was involved with Scott Coleman.
(d) Higgins was involved with Garret and Nance.

13. One assassinated politician leaked information to a bartender, who sold it to a "reporter" who turned out to be a former analyst for what agency, but now sells information to the highest bidder?
(a) The KGB.
(b) The DIA.
(c) The NSA.
(d) The ISI.

14. Stansfield asks Dr. Kennedy to run a background check on which individual to see if he has any connections to the assassins?
(a) Seamus O'Rourke.
(b) Admiral DeVoe.
(c) Tim O'Rourke.
(d) Michael O'Rourke.

15. How do Dr. Kennedy and McMahon travel to meet Michael O'Rourke?
(a) By taxi.
(b) By car.
(c) By motorcycle.
(d) By truck.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the guards move unexpectedly, what happens at Higgins' estate?

2. Nance threatens to have Garret killed if he does not go along with which plan?

3. Dobbs tells Stansfield that a car has arrived at the ranch, but he cannot tell what the driver has removed from what?

4. When Stansfield calls the number, Michael O'Rourke's girlfriend says he has been abducted, and she will go to the media if he is not back within how long?

5. In accordance with CIA procedure, Higgins' residence is called and what transpires?

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