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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Michael O'Rourke's girlfriend arrives home from the grocery store, becomes concerned when he is nowhere to be found, and sees what?
(a) The broken mirror.
(b) The broken chair.
(c) The broken table.
(d) The broken vase.

2. Who arrives at Michael O'Rourke's home while his girlfriend is on the phone with Stansfield?
(a) Seamus O'Rourke.
(b) Scott Coleman.
(c) Tim O'Rourke.
(d) Tim and Seamus O'Rourke.

3. Stansfield meets with Roach and tells him that he believes what?
(a) Higgins was involved with Garret and Nance.
(b) The O'Rourke brothers were involved with Seamus O'Rourke.
(c) Scott Coleman was involved with Stroble and Hackett.
(d) Michael O'Rourke was involved with Scott Coleman.

4. Dr. Kennedy is studying the Special Forces personnel files when she reads Scott Coleman's and sees he was on which mission that failed, causing the deaths of eight men?
(a) Operation Silent Apprehension.
(b) Operation Snatch Back.
(c) Operation Deadly Silence.
(d) Operation Lethal Insertion.

5. Back at Michael O'Rourke's, he tells his girlfriend all but a few details, like what?
(a) His attacking Nance.
(b) His attacking Garret and Nance.
(c) His attacking Garret.
(d) His breaking Nance's nose.

6. Michael O'Rourke props Higgins' body where?
(a) A column at the Lincoln Memorial.
(b) The railing at the Capitol steps.
(c) The fence at Nance's home.
(d) The fence at Garret's home.

7. Stansfield wants to include Scott Coleman in the briefing, which means that the FBI must halt surveillance for a day or so, and McMahon agrees, noting what?
(a) Coleman is a man of principle.
(b) Coleman has already gotten away from them once.
(c) Coleman needs little assistance in disappearing.
(d) Coleman is a man of honor.

8. Her suspicions aroused upon reading Scot Coleman's file, Dr. Kennedy leaves it for Heaney so he can read it when?
(a) That evening.
(b) The next day.
(c) That morning.
(d) That afternoon.

9. Michael O'Rourke's girlfriend leaves a message for Stansfield that she is with a Washington paper and will go to press with all she has on Garret and Nance if he does not call her back how fast?
(a) Within 15 minutes.
(b) Within ten minutes.
(c) Within five minutes.
(d) Within 30 minutes.

10. Meanwhile, at the White House, who informs Stevens and his cabinet that Higgins has been abducted?
(a) Roach.
(b) Tracy.
(c) Stansfield.
(d) McMahon.

11. While walking in the terminal, Michael O'Rourke and his girlfriend hear part of a news broadcast announcing that Nance is dead, apparently dying how?
(a) A Traffic accident.
(b) Thrown from a horse at his ranch.
(c) Drowning in his pool.
(d) Suicide by gunshot.

12. What does Nance tell Garret about Higgins?
(a) Higgins told Nance to kill Garret if he talks.
(b) Nance will have Garret killed if he talks.
(c) Someone else told Higgins about Garret's response to McMahon's tape.
(d) Nance told Higgins about Garret's response to McMahon's tape.

13. Nance tells Higgins he thinks the FBI knows what?
(a) That Vanelli is connected.
(b) There are two groups of killers.
(c) That Garret is connected.
(d) That Nance is connected.

14. Who receives a scrambled voice modulator call advising where a dead former CIA employee may be found?
(a) ABC television network.
(b) The media.
(c) CIA headquarters.
(d) FBI headquarters.

15. Admiral DeVoe says that they learned which agency found an information leak which caused Operation Snatch Back to fail?
(a) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(b) National Criminal Intelligence Service.
(c) National Security Agency.
(d) Defense Intelligence Agency.

Short Answer Questions

1. Scott Coleman has concerns that who may be watching him?

2. Feeling he has nothing to lose, Nance tells Garret that he would like to have what with Michael O'Rourke to find out what he knows and get some payback for his broken nose?

3. How do Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke travel to Higgins' estate to kidnap him?

4. When Michael O'Rourke opens the door, the stranger does what?

5. Stansfield calls the President to see if he knows what?

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