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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Following Mark Coleman's death, Michael O'Rourke become more dissatisfied with what?
(a) American politics.
(b) American democracy.
(c) The American legal system.
(d) America's crime problem.

2. According to Jackson, the first victim to die together with his guards may have been killed for what reason?
(a) To mislead.
(b) For knowledge.
(c) For revenge.
(d) For power.

3. After Basset's death, a recorded message using a computerize voice is received at the ABC television network via what?
(a) FedEx.
(b) U.S. mail.
(c) Phone.
(d) UPS.

4. What reason does Jackson give Michael O'Rourke for not going to the agency he names?
(a) Jackson would be in danger.
(b) Seamus would be in danger.
(c) Michael would be in danger.
(d) Michael's girlfriend would be in danger.

5. What reason is McMahon given for the President still being alive?
(a) The assassins wish to negotiate with him.
(b) The assassins do not wish to harm those in an adjacent public area.
(c) The assassins wish to give him one more chance.
(d) The assassins do not want to kill those with him.

6. FBI Special Agent Skip McMahon is responsible for investigating the three political killings and is impressed by what?
(a) The killers' speed.
(b) The media's reporting.
(c) The killers' efficiency.
(d) The killers' skillfulness.

7. McMahon and his team meet where along the Potomac River where the President's helicopter was left unprotected?
(a) Francis Scott Key Bridge.
(b) Aqueduct Bridge.
(c) 14th Street Bridge.
(d) Chain Bridge.

8. McMahon meets with Heaney and Dr. Kennedy, who have been reviewing ex-commando personnel files, and they decide to do what?
(a) Place their suspects under surveillance.
(b) Narrow the field of suspects, then place them under surveillance.
(c) Call suspects to active duty, confining them to military quarters.
(d) Call suspects to active duty, dispatching them to the Middle East.

9. Michael O'Rourke meets Scott Coleman at the cabin to discuss Olson's murder and is told what?
(a) Scott is not responsible.
(b) Scott cannot tell Michael who did it.
(c) Scott is responsible.
(d) Scott can neither confirm nor deny.

10. McMahon tells his boss that he is getting no cooperation in his attempts to look at the personnel files for which members?
(a) Navy SEALs.
(b) Special Forces.
(c) Air Force Special Tactics Squadron.
(d) Marine Force Reconnaisance.

11. What happens when a mysterious man named Arthur Higgins observes Michael O'Rourke with Olson?
(a) He separates them.
(b) He hustles Olson to a vehicle.
(c) He follows them.
(d) He gets furious.

12. Jackson cautions Michael O'Rourke not to go to which agency?
(a) DIA.
(b) FBI.
(c) Secret Service.
(d) CIA.

13. What is the occupation of the individual McMahon and Kennedy meet?
(a) Former Dark Ops CIA operative.
(b) Former Delta Forces Commander.
(c) Former Navy SEAL.
(d) Director of the CIA.

14. Garret and Mike Nance help Stevens determine a strategy to pacify the public while helping force whom to resign?
(a) Brian Roach, Skip McMahon.
(b) Skip McMahon, Thomas Stansfield.
(c) Arthur Higgins, Harold J. Burmiester.
(d) Brian Roach, Thomas Stansfield.

15. The Director of the FBI wants to review files of which retired or released personnel?
(a) Special Forces.
(b) CIA.
(c) DIA.
(d) FBI.

Short Answer Questions

1. Scott Coleman is afraid to use any of his contacts for information about Turnquist's death since doing so might do what?

2. When it is suggested that Stevens employ increased military security at the White House, what is his response?

3. Michael O'Rourke lost both of his parents in a car crash caused by a drunk driver with how many prior convictions for driving while intoxicated?

4. Senator Erik Olson decides to disregard the advice of the FBI and the Secret Service and does what?

5. Rumor has it that Higgins was forced out of the CIA as they could not control his behavior, and he often did things without whose approval?

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