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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the war, Jackson worked for which agency?
(a) CIA.
(b) FBI.
(c) DIA.
(d) NSA.

2. What does Michael O'Rourke do when Olson offers to introduce him to the President?
(a) Declines.
(b) Accepts eagerly.
(c) Accepts with great hesitation.
(d) Says he will another day.

3. The individual storming into Michael O'Rourke's office threatens him with what if he does not vote as he is told?
(a) Severe physical injury.
(b) Political isolation.
(c) Blackmail.
(d) Death.

4. Michael O'Rourke and his grandfather meet Olson for what shortly before the latter dies?
(a) Cocktails.
(b) Dinner.
(c) Lunch.
(d) Breakfast.

5. When it is suggested that Stevens employ increased military security at the White House, what is his response?
(a) He agrees.
(b) He agrees only to an increase in plain-clothes security.
(c) He agrees only to hidden sharpshooters on surrounding buildings.
(d) He declines.

6. What does the President's Chief of Staff advise him to do if he becomes uncomfortable during an upcoming press conference?
(a) Lie, end the conference early saying he has a trade meeting.
(b) Lie, end the conference early saying he has a military briefing.
(c) Lie, end the conference early saying he must meet a foreign diplomat.
(d) Lie, end the conference early saying he has a national security meeting.

7. What is the occupation of the individual McMahon and Kennedy meet?
(a) Former Navy SEAL.
(b) Former Delta Forces Commander.
(c) Former Dark Ops CIA operative.
(d) Director of the CIA.

8. Jackson cautions Michael O'Rourke not to go to which agency?
(a) Secret Service.
(b) CIA.
(c) DIA.
(d) FBI.

9. Who demands that Secret Service Director Alex Tracy fire Harry Dorle, the agent in charge of Basset's safety?
(a) Mrs. Bassett.
(b) Jim Stevens.
(c) Brian Roach.
(d) Stu Garret.

10. In Chapter 20, Scott Coleman warns Michael O'Rourke that there could be trouble if Olson takes the President's side, and that Michael should do what?
(a) Stay clear of the President.
(b) Caution Olson.
(c) Caution the President.
(d) Stay clear of Olson.

11. After the tape is done playing, Garret and McMahon argue in the Situation Room and who intervenes?
(a) Roach.
(b) Stansfield.
(c) Tracy.
(d) Nance.

12. McMahon and his team meet where along the Potomac River where the President's helicopter was left unprotected?
(a) Francis Scott Key Bridge.
(b) Chain Bridge.
(c) 14th Street Bridge.
(d) Aqueduct Bridge.

13. After viewing the bodies at the Turnquist crime scene, Dr. Kennedy and General Heaney believe the killers are what?
(a) Military comandos.
(b) Terrorists.
(c) Police S.W.A.T. members.
(d) Political extremists.

14. What reason does Jackson give Michael O'Rourke for not going to the agency he names?
(a) Michael would be in danger.
(b) Seamus would be in danger.
(c) Michael's girlfriend would be in danger.
(d) Jackson would be in danger.

15. In Chapter 3, Michael O'Rourke is dictating some notes when which individual, whom he does not know, storms into his office?
(a) Anthony Vanelli.
(b) Jack Koslowski.
(c) Stu Garret.
(d) Mike Nance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Speaker of the House Thomas Basset says on television that he will never do what?

2. What does Olson later do after making the offensive remark to Seamus O'Rourke?

3. In Chapter 2, President Jim Stevens is meeting with Stu Garret and Mark Dickson to plot how to obtain the votes necessary to accomplish what?

4. According to Jackson, the first victim to die together with his guards may have been killed for what reason?

5. At his press conference in Chapter 4, the President announces that he has secured enough votes, and the author reveals what about Stevens?

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