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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jackson cautions Michael O'Rourke not to go to which agency?
(a) Secret Service.
(b) DIA.
(c) FBI.
(d) CIA.

2. Stevens arrives at Camp David and asks a senior agent how the killers knew what?
(a) He was going to Camp David.
(b) The helicopter he was on.
(c) Virtually his every move.
(d) He was on the helicopter and not in a vehicle.

3. Chapter 3 shows a brash side of Congressman O'Rourke that establishes his physical abilities and reminds the reader of Michael's what?
(a) Marine training.
(b) Army training.
(c) Coast Guard training.
(d) Navy training.

4. After Basset's death, a recorded message using a computerize voice is received at the ABC television network via what?
(a) UPS.
(b) FedEx.
(c) U.S. mail.
(d) Phone.

5. McMahon tells his boss that he is getting no cooperation in his attempts to look at the personnel files for which members?
(a) Navy SEALs.
(b) Special Forces.
(c) Air Force Special Tactics Squadron.
(d) Marine Force Reconnaisance.

6. What reason does Jackson give Michael O'Rourke for not going to the agency he names?
(a) Michael would be in danger.
(b) Jackson would be in danger.
(c) Michael's girlfriend would be in danger.
(d) Seamus would be in danger.

7. Michael O'Rourke is home contemplating what he has told someone as an assassin is watching him from where?
(a) The street.
(b) A window.
(c) A closet.
(d) A rooftop.

8. Following his meeting at the White House, McMahon picks up Kennedy and goes to meet which individual?
(a) Thomas Stansfield.
(b) Scott Coleman.
(c) Gus Mitchell.
(d) Arthur Higgins.

9. At the end of Chapter 16, the President and Garret are confident that the new coalition between the two parties will help Stevens secure a second term, and Nance does what?
(a) Agrees with uncertainty.
(b) Agrees with them wholeheartedly.
(c) Arranges for the meeting at Camp David.
(d) Cautions them not to take anything for granted.

10. As McMahon plays the tape of the modulated call he got from Michael O'Rourke for the group in the Situation Room, who notices that Garret becomes noticeably upset?
(a) Stansfield.
(b) Roach.
(c) Tracy.
(d) Nance.

11. In Chapter 17, the assassins place several small radar units around what location as part of the trap they are laying?
(a) Camp David.
(b) Capitol.
(c) White House.
(d) Supreme Court.

12. Who is the third politician killed by the assassins?
(a) Daniel Fitzgerald.
(b) Harold Burmiester.
(c) Robert Downs.
(d) Jack Koslowski.

13. What is the President's reaction to Olson's murder?
(a) Pleasure.
(b) Gratitude.
(c) Fear.
(d) Anger.

14. When killing Congressman Jack Koslowski, the assassination team goes to great pains to avoid killing a dog or the owner who is a retired what?
(a) Market analyst.
(b) Doctor.
(c) Policeman.
(d) Banker.

15. In briefing Stevens and his staff about the investigation that has just begun, McMahon quickly grows impatient with whom?
(a) Mike Nance.
(b) Jim Stevens.
(c) Stu Garret.
(d) Brian Roach.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 3, Michael O'Rourke is dictating some notes when which individual, whom he does not know, storms into his office?

2. McMahon wants to accompany Roach to a meeting so that he can see whose face when he realizes the assassins have him as a target?

3. McMahon and his team meet where along the Potomac River where the President's helicopter was left unprotected?

4. What happens when a mysterious man named Arthur Higgins observes Michael O'Rourke with Olson?

5. In Chapter 2, President Jim Stevens is meeting with Stu Garret and Mark Dickson to plot how to obtain the votes necessary to accomplish what?

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