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Vince Flynn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Speaker of the House Thomas Basset says on television that he will never do what?
(a) Negotiate with terrorists.
(b) Run from terrorists.
(c) Give into political pressure.
(d) Give in on the budget.

2. Michael O'Rourke declines Olson's request to join him in the funeral procession, but then does what?
(a) He joins him at the cemetary.
(b) He goes wearing a bulletproof vest.
(c) He joins him at the last minute.
(d) He meets him afterward.

3. Garret listens in on a private meeting between his boss and which individual who convinces Stevens he needs his support to pass the budget?
(a) Dickson.
(b) Fitzgerald.
(c) Olson.
(d) Nance.

4. As McMahon plays the tape of the modulated call he got from Michael O'Rourke for the group in the Situation Room, who notices that Garret becomes noticeably upset?
(a) Tracy.
(b) Stansfield.
(c) Nance.
(d) Roach.

5. In Chapter 8, Stevens refers to the killers as what during his televised news broadcast?
(a) Commandos.
(b) Assassins.
(c) Murderers.
(d) Terrorists.

6. What does the individual in the opening scene toss into the fire?
(a) Stacks of paper.
(b) Blood-soaked clothes.
(c) Wood.
(d) Counterfeit money.

7. The individual storming into Michael O'Rourke's office threatens him with what if he does not vote as he is told?
(a) Political isolation.
(b) Severe physical injury.
(c) Death.
(d) Blackmail.

8. McMahon wants to accompany Roach to a meeting so that he can see whose face when he realizes the assassins have him as a target?
(a) Garret's.
(b) Vanelli's.
(c) Dickson's.
(d) Nance's.

9. How does Congressman Michael O'Rourke end the call when he is telephoned by the President who is seeking his vote for the budget?
(a) He unsuccessfully bargains for the inclusion of the REA funding.
(b) He excuses himself.
(c) He successfully bargains for the removal of the REA funding.
(d) He hangs up on the President.

10. What does the President's Chief of Staff advise him to do if he becomes uncomfortable during an upcoming press conference?
(a) Lie, end the conference early saying he has a military briefing.
(b) Lie, end the conference early saying he must meet a foreign diplomat.
(c) Lie, end the conference early saying he has a trade meeting.
(d) Lie, end the conference early saying he has a national security meeting.

11. Garret feels that by telling the public the murders are an attempt to block the President's budget, they have made Stevens look what?
(a) Sympathetic, almost guaranteeing his re-election.
(b) Resound, almost guaranteeing the passing of the budget.
(c) Firm, almost guaranteeing his re-election.
(d) Weak, virtually precluding budget passage.

12. When McMahon asks why he should believe the caller using a voice modulator, he is reminded of what?
(a) They are more selective in their targets.
(b) They had no problem with Olson.
(c) They had no problem with Turnquist.
(d) They did not kill the President when they had the opportunity.

13. Michael O'Rourke and his grandfather meet Olson for what shortly before the latter dies?
(a) Breakfast.
(b) Lunch.
(c) Cocktails.
(d) Dinner.

14. Liz Scarlatti introduces herself to Stevens as a reporter for which periodical?
(a) Washington Post.
(b) Washington Reader.
(c) Washington Times.
(d) Washington Herald.

15. What is the President's reaction to Olson's murder?
(a) Anger.
(b) Fear.
(c) Gratitude.
(d) Pleasure.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the assassin kill Senator Daniel Fitzgerald?

2. During their last meeting together, who gets into a disagreement?

3. At the end of Chapter 16, the President and Garret are confident that the new coalition between the two parties will help Stevens secure a second term, and Nance does what?

4. At the Turnquist crime scene, McMahon notes what about those guarding the congressman?

5. When assassinating Basset, what means do the killers use to avoid injuring any civilians?

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