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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. McMahon meets with Heaney and Dr. Kennedy, who have been reviewing ex-commando personnel files, and they decide to do what?
(a) Call suspects to active duty, dispatching them to the Middle East.
(b) Place their suspects under surveillance.
(c) Narrow the field of suspects, then place them under surveillance.
(d) Call suspects to active duty, confining them to military quarters.

2. In Chapter 3, Michael O'Rourke is dictating some notes when which individual, whom he does not know, storms into his office?
(a) Stu Garret.
(b) Mike Nance.
(c) Jack Koslowski.
(d) Anthony Vanelli.

3. Stevens arrives at Camp David and asks a senior agent how the killers knew what?
(a) He was on the helicopter and not in a vehicle.
(b) The helicopter he was on.
(c) Virtually his every move.
(d) He was going to Camp David.

4. Admiral DeVoe says that they learned which agency found an information leak which caused Operation Snatch Back to fail?
(a) National Security Agency.
(b) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(c) Defense Intelligence Agency.
(d) National Criminal Intelligence Service.

5. Rumor has it that Higgins was forced out of the CIA as they could not control his behavior, and he often did things without whose approval?
(a) The CIA Director's and Congress'.
(b) The President's and Congress'.
(c) The Dark Ops head's and CIA Director's.
(d) The President's and CIA Director's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Michael O'Rourke and his grandfather meet Olson for what shortly before the latter dies?

2. McMahon tells his boss that he is getting no cooperation in his attempts to look at the personnel files for which members?

3. In Chapter 8, Stevens refers to the killers as what during his televised news broadcast?

4. What does Garret tell the National Security adviser he worries the deaths of Koslowski and Basset will do?

5. Michael O'Rourke is not comfortable with the idea that politicians are being killed, but he sympathizes with the killers and their disgust with what in America?

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