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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The individual storming into Michael O'Rourke's office threatens him with what if he does not vote as he is told?
(a) Blackmail.
(b) Severe physical injury.
(c) Political isolation.
(d) Death.

2. When assassinating Basset, what means do the killers use to avoid injuring any civilians?
(a) They us a nitroglycerin-tipped dart.
(b) They us a hollow-point bullet.
(c) They use a nitroglycerin-tipped bullet.
(d) The use a low-velocity, hollow-point bullet.

3. Garret and Mike Nance help Stevens determine a strategy to pacify the public while helping force whom to resign?
(a) Skip McMahon, Thomas Stansfield.
(b) Brian Roach, Skip McMahon.
(c) Brian Roach, Thomas Stansfield.
(d) Arthur Higgins, Harold J. Burmiester.

4. In Chapter 17, the assassins place several small radar units around what location as part of the trap they are laying?
(a) Camp David.
(b) White House.
(c) Supreme Court.
(d) Capitol.

5. As the politicians ignore his warnings that the White House would be safer than Camp David, Secret Service Agent Jack Warch makes what transportation arrangements?
(a) Armored limousine from an underground lot.
(b) Armored limousine from the White House drive.
(c) Military helicopter from the White House lawn.
(d) Police helicopter from the White House lawn.

Short Answer Questions

1. When killing Congressman Jack Koslowski, the assassination team goes to great pains to avoid killing a dog or the owner who is a retired what?

2. How does Congressman Michael O'Rourke end the call when he is telephoned by the President who is seeking his vote for the budget?

3. Liz Scarlatti introduces herself to Stevens as a reporter for which periodical?

4. What does the President's Chief of Staff do at the close of Chapter 4?

5. Stevens is primarily concerned with how the assassinations will affect what?

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