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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Michael O'Rourke declines Olson's request to join him in the funeral procession, but then does what?
(a) He meets him afterward.
(b) He joins him at the cemetary.
(c) He joins him at the last minute.
(d) He goes wearing a bulletproof vest.

2. The individual storming into Michael O'Rourke's office threatens him with what if he does not vote as he is told?
(a) Political isolation.
(b) Severe physical injury.
(c) Blackmail.
(d) Death.

3. During their last meeting together, who gets into a disagreement?
(a) Seamus O'Rourke and Olson.
(b) Olson and Michael O'Rourke.
(c) Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke.
(d) Seamus O'Rourke and Michael O'Rourke.

4. The Ted Hopkinson poll shows that what percentage of those asked feel the nation will be better off after the political killings?
(a) 40%.
(b) 25%.
(c) Under 5%.
(d) 10%.

5. FBI Special Agent Skip McMahon is responsible for investigating the three political killings and is impressed by what?
(a) The killers' skillfulness.
(b) The media's reporting.
(c) The killers' speed.
(d) The killers' efficiency.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Garret tell the National Security adviser he worries the deaths of Koslowski and Basset will do?

2. Michael O'Rourke is home contemplating what he has told someone as an assassin is watching him from where?

3. When assassinating Basset, what means do the killers use to avoid injuring any civilians?

4. Who is the third politician killed by the assassins?

5. After Basset's death, a recorded message using a computerize voice is received at the ABC television network via what?

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