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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 | Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Michael O'Rourke and Liz Scarlatti go home from Blacky's Bar, he wonders if what he told someone has resulted in what?
(a) Murder.
(b) Blackmail.
(c) A newspaper story.
(d) Dirty politics.

2. In briefing Stevens and his staff about the investigation that has just begun, McMahon quickly grows impatient with whom?
(a) Mike Nance.
(b) Jim Stevens.
(c) Brian Roach.
(d) Stu Garret.

3. Who is the third politician killed by the assassins?
(a) Daniel Fitzgerald.
(b) Robert Downs.
(c) Harold Burmiester.
(d) Jack Koslowski.

4. How does the assassin kill Senator Daniel Fitzgerald?
(a) Breaks his neck.
(b) Gunshot.
(c) Lethal injection.
(d) Car bomb.

5. How does Congressman Michael O'Rourke end the call when he is telephoned by the President who is seeking his vote for the budget?
(a) He successfully bargains for the removal of the REA funding.
(b) He hangs up on the President.
(c) He unsuccessfully bargains for the inclusion of the REA funding.
(d) He excuses himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. When killing Congressman Jack Koslowski, the assassination team goes to great pains to avoid killing a dog or the owner who is a retired what?

2. What does the individual in the opening scene toss into the fire?

3. Stevens is primarily concerned with how the assassinations will affect what?

4. Whom does Dr. Irene Kennedy believe is responsible for the murders of the prominent politicians?

5. In Chapter 3, Michael O'Rourke is dictating some notes when which individual, whom he does not know, storms into his office?

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