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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the President's Chief of Staff do at the close of Chapter 4?
(a) Advises the President.
(b) Scolds the President.
(c) Praises the President.
(d) Leads the President into a meeting.

2. Who receives a scrambled voice modulator call advising where a dead former CIA employee may be found?
(a) CIA headquarters.
(b) ABC television network.
(c) FBI headquarters.
(d) The media.

3. Rumor has it that Higgins was forced out of the CIA as they could not control his behavior, and he often did things without whose approval?
(a) The President's and Congress'.
(b) The Dark Ops head's and CIA Director's.
(c) The President's and CIA Director's.
(d) The CIA Director's and Congress'.

4. When the tape is done playing, Nance accuses Stansfield of faking the recording or doing what?
(a) Tricking Higgins to make him lie.
(b) Using drugs to get Higgins to lie.
(c) Torturing Higgins to make him lie.
(d) Threatening Higgins to make him lie.

5. Senator Erik Olson decides to disregard the advice of the FBI and the Secret Service and does what?
(a) He goes to the funeral procession in an armored limousine.
(b) He goes to the funeral in an open carriage.
(c) He walks behind the funeral caissons.
(d) He goes to the funeral in a Secret Srvice vehicle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Liz Scarlatti introduces herself to Stevens as a reporter for which periodical?

2. Despite Secret Service warnings against any public appearances, Basset decides to participate in what?

3. Michael O'Rourke is not comfortable with the idea that politicians are being killed, but he sympathizes with the killers and their disgust with what in America?

4. Michael O'Rourke lost both of his parents in a car crash caused by a drunk driver with how many prior convictions for driving while intoxicated?

5. How do Scott Coleman and Michael O'Rourke travel to Higgins' estate to kidnap him?

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