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Vince Flynn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17 | Chapters 18-19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Liz Scarlatti introduces herself to Stevens as a reporter for which periodical?
(a) Washington Times.
(b) Washington Herald.
(c) Washington Reader.
(d) Washington Post.

2. After Basset's death, a recorded message using a computerize voice is received at the ABC television network via what?
(a) U.S. mail.
(b) FedEx.
(c) UPS.
(d) Phone.

3. McMahon and his team meet where along the Potomac River where the President's helicopter was left unprotected?
(a) Francis Scott Key Bridge.
(b) Aqueduct Bridge.
(c) 14th Street Bridge.
(d) Chain Bridge.

4. Senator Erik Olson decides to disregard the advice of the FBI and the Secret Service and does what?
(a) He walks behind the funeral caissons.
(b) He goes to the funeral in an open carriage.
(c) He goes to the funeral procession in an armored limousine.
(d) He goes to the funeral in a Secret Srvice vehicle.

5. What does Garret tell the National Security adviser he worries the deaths of Koslowski and Basset will do?
(a) Force the President into hiding.
(b) Send the country into mass hysteria.
(c) Deadlock the Senate and House.
(d) Prevent the President's re-election.

Short Answer Questions

1. Garret and Mike Nance help Stevens determine a strategy to pacify the public while helping force whom to resign?

2. Despite Secret Service warnings against any public appearances, Basset decides to participate in what?

3. When assassinating Basset, what means do the killers use to avoid injuring any civilians?

4. Chapter 3 shows a brash side of Congressman O'Rourke that establishes his physical abilities and reminds the reader of Michael's what?

5. In Chapter 8, Stevens refers to the killers as what during his televised news broadcast?

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